Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

About the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
To encourage young adults to read for pleasure by presenting to them lists of popular or topical titles which are widely available in paperback and which represent a broad variety of accessible themes and genres.

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Boarding Schools to Summer Camps

2013 Selection(s)

Babe in Boyland.

Gehrman, Jody. Speak. 2012. $8.99.

Natalie goes undercover at an all-boys school but soon falls for her roommate!

Dream Factory

Barkley, Brad and Hepler, Heather. Speak. 2009. $8.99.

Magic feelings in the Magic Kingdom.


Cashore, Kristin. Firebird. 2009. $9.99.

Fire leaves home to learn more about her powers.

The Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo)

Cornish, D. M. Speak. 2007. $9.99.

Rossamund takes one wrong turn and the adventure begins.

Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires)

Caine, Rachel. NAL. 2007.$6.99.

Even the terror is bigger in Texas.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation

Elkeles, Simone. Flux. 2006. $8.95.

Amy is sent to Israel: an ending or a beginning?


Cast, P.C. & Kristin Cast. St. Martin's Griffin. 2007.. $8.95.

Zoey enters House of Night where she will train to become an adult vampyre -- if she survives.

The Poison Apples

Archer, Lily. Square Fish. 2009. $8.99.

Do you have an evil step-mother? Join the Poison Apples today!    


Brian, Kate. Simon and Schuster. 2006. $9.99.

What will you give up to fit in?

Prom and Prejudice

Eulberg, Elizabeth. Point. 2012. $9.99.

People aren't always what they seem