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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 19:00
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by Candace Sherk Savage. Ten Speed Press.
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In spite of the growing interest in the role of women in the American and Canadian West, little has been written about those who best fit the stereotypical image: the cowgirls. Savage provides a solid survey of the cowgirl phenomenon from both a historical and a social perspective. Cowgirls can be traced back to Marie del Carmen Calvillo, who inherited her father's Texas rancho in 1814. Many women made a name for themselves in the famous traveling Wild West shows, and their image was amplified and expanded by popular media ranging from comic books to television. Although today many cowgirls are part of husband-and-wife ranching operations, the cowgirl role continues. Savage pays particular attention to dichotomous media images, which range from the strong, effective manager such as the Barbara Stanwyck character in the series BigValley to vapid cheesecake portrayals.

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