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Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - 18:00
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illustrated and written by David Wisniewski, and published by Clarion
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From the shimmeringly powerful hand of God to the life-giving hands of the rabbi and on through the murderously destructive hands of the Golem, the universal themes of power and redemption are reflected. Created to protect Jews in 16th-century Prague, this soulless clay giant comes to find that life is precious. Intricate paper-cuts provide breathless detail to each double-page spread.

"Wisniewski's powerful visual interpretation of this emotionally compelling tale is rendered in a medium that reflects the duality of creation and destruction--coming together only to come apart. The power and fragility of Wisniewski's medium arereflected in the power and mortality of the rabbi's Golem." --1997 Caldecott Committee Chair Linda Ward Callaghan

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