Esperanza Rising

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Thursday, January 7, 2010 - 18:00
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Esperanza Rising
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Written by Pam Munoz Ryan. (Scholastic Press, 2000)
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Esperanza Rising brings to young readers beautifully executed literature, simple but eloquent and rich in historical details, powerful imagery and symbolism.  "Vivid descriptions of the social and economic hardships of the Mexican migrant workers create compelling realism for contemporary readers," says Committee Chair Dr. Eliza T. Dresang.

Pampered thirteen-year-old Esperanza and her mother are forced to flee Mexico following her father's sudden death and his brothers' takeover of their land.  In a California migrant-worker camp, they encounter poverty and racism that are mitigated by the support of family and friends.  Esperanza's response to the fall from a  privileged life in a 1930s, immigrant experience transforms her from a spoiled child into a strong adolescent.

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Esperanza Rising
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