The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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2 008
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Sunday, December 31, 1899 - 18:00
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Invention of Hugo Cabret
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by Brian Selznick, and published by Scholastic Press, an imprint of Scholastic
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From an opening shot of the full moon setting over an awakening Paris in 1931, this tale casts a new light on the picture book form. Hugo is a young orphan secretly living in the walls of a train station where he labors to complete a mysterious invention left by his father. In a work of more than 500 pages, the suspenseful text and wordless double-page spreads narrate the tale in turns. Neither words nor pictures alone tell this story, which is filled with cinematic intrigue. Black & white pencil illustrations evoke the flickering images of the silent films to which the book pays homage.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret
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