Great Graphic Novels for Teens

About the Great Graphic Novels for Teens
The list presents graphic novels published in the past 16 months that are recommended reading for teens aged twelve to eighteen.

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2013 Selection(s)

5 Centimeters Per Second

Shinkai, Makoto and Yukiko Seike. 2012, illus., Vertical, paper, $18.95

A poignant look at love, loss, and hope in modern-day Japan.

A Devil and Her Love Song V. 1

Tomari, Miyoshi. 2012, illus., VIZ Media, paper, $9.99

Beautiful Maria tells you the ugly truth.

August Moon

Thung, Diana. 2012, illus., Top Shelf, paper, $14.95

Fiona discovers magical creatures, a boy who claims to be from the moon, and hidden dangers threatening the town of Calico.

Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection V.1

Simone, Gail, Ardian Syaf and Adam Hughes. 2012, illus., DC Comics, $22.99

Batgirl is back, fighting new villains and her own personal demons.

Batman: The Court of Owls V.1

Snyder, Scott and Greg Capullo. 2012, illus., DC Comics, $24.99

This story rocks Gotham back to its very foundations.


TenNapel, Doug. 2012, illus., Scholastic/GRAPHIX, $24.99

Cardboard + Imagination = Awesome

Daredevil V. 1

Waid, Mark, Paolo Manuel Rivera and Marcos Martin. 2012, illus., Marvel, $19.99

Daredevil is back and he has an eye for justice!

Dawn of the Arcana

Dawn of the Arcana V. 1. 2011, illus., VIZ Media, paper, $9.99. 978-1421541044. Dawn of the Arcana V. 2. 2012, illus., VIZ Media, paper, $9.99. 978-1421541051.

Will Nakaba and Casesar’s alliance survive or will politics, rebellion and dark visions nip their slowly blossoming feelings at the bud?


Telgemeier, Raina. 2012, illus., Scholastic/GRAPHIX, $23.99

The drama on the stage is no match for drama behind the curtain.

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors

Smith, Mark Andrew and Armand Villavert. 2011, illus., Image, paper, $15.99

Teenage villains-in-training.