Gale Cengage Learning Financial Development Award Criteria

The intent of the award is to recognize an innovative, creative, well-organized project which successfully developed income from alternative sources. The alternative sources may include, but are not limited to: individual gifts, foundations, endowments, "challenge" grants, and related efforts. While the library development project may have been a continuing one, the nomination should represent a significantly new effort which involved a more broad-based constituency and utilized additional fund-raising techniques.

The successful use of new and commendable library development methods is a more important factor than the amount of money raised. The involvement of boards of trustees and library friends groups in the project will be considered as adding greatly to the merit of the program, as will the inclusion of a public awareness effort which enhances the position of the institution.

The criteria for selection of an award winner are:

  • evidence of the need and appropriateness of the financial goal;
  • the use of innovative, creative and well-organized development methods;
  • the success of the effort in meeting or exceeding the goal within a reasonable expenditure of fund-raising monies;
  • the involvement of library supporters, who might include boards of trustees and library friends groups or their equivalent.

Other factors which may add strength to the nomination are: the use of a public awareness program, and the possibility that aspects of the project might be replicated by other library organizations.