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Coutts Information Services/Ingram
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The growth of Coutts Information Services is rooted in two business – John Coutts Library Services (originally founded in North America in 1969) and BMBC (the UK based Business and Medical Book Company, founded in 1989.) The two companies merged in August 2000 to become Coutts Information Services, with offices in the UK, US and Canada.
A number of acquisitions followed. In 2002 Coutts acquired the book division of Martinus Nijhoff in the Netherlands, creating a European base. Coutts subsequently acquired the assets of Farries Library Services and Franklin Books, further strengthening its international infrastructure.
In December 2006 Coutts Information Services, along with MyiLibrary , became a business of Ingram Content Group .
Today Coutts is a fast growing and dynamic business providing services to more than 5,000 organizations in over 150 countries, leading the way in service standards and innovation, and shaping the future of book and electronic content acquisition in the world of learning.
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