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Libraries and institutions around the world are changing the way they do business and Blackwell's is changing too. Blackwell's is committed to driving innovation in library supply and embracing the continual changes in how information is distributed and accessed. 
Our portfolio of services now combines an extensive range of library supply solutions. We continue to extend the collection of eBooks available via industry leading platforms and we offer different purchasing models to suit your library's needs. As the market leader in European language book supply, the arrival of Houtschild into the Blackwell's group further enhances the range of products and services available to you. Blackwell's has also recently become the first UK bookseller to introduce Print on Demand capabilities which has the potential to revolutionise the supply chain for library customers. 
In a changing world, one thing that has remained constant throughout our 130 year history is Blackwell's passion to deliver the very best service to the academic community. Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, combined with the widest available range of products and services, means we now offer the complete library supply solution for books.
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