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"Across a variety of literary genres, Laurence Yep explores the dilemma of the cultural outsider," said Committee Chair Janice M. Del Negro.  "The universality of this theme is illuminated by Yep's attention to the complexity and conflict within and across cultures."

Born in San Francisco in 1948, Laurence Yep grew up in an African American neighborhood and attended a bilingual school in Chinatown.  His first novel, Sweetwater, a science fiction novel, was edited by Charlotte Zolotow and published in 1973.  His writing spans more than 30 years and includes more than 55 titles.

Yep's award-winning works include Dragonwings (Newbery Honor, 1976; Phoenix Award, 1995), Dragon's Gate (Newbery Honor, 1994) and Child of the Owl (Boston Globe Horn Book Award, 1977).  In addition, the author has been honored by the National Council of Teachers of English, the Children's Literature Association, the National Council of Teachers of Social Studies and the Commonwealth Club of California.

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