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Monday, September 28, 2009 - 19:00
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Eric Chuk received a 2008 Spectrum Doctoral Fellowship and is pursuing his degree at the University of California Los Angeles. He holds an M.A., Linguistics (special option in Pragmatics), from California State University, Long Beach and a B.A., Digital Media (specialization in Writing) and Minor, Linguistics from the University of Central Florida.

Library and information science, in Eric's view, is a bridge spanning the gap between digital media and linguistics, the two fields which have comprised his education thus far. Within LIS, bibliometrics and text mining are emerging as exciting areas of research that fully appreciate the importance of the link between language and technology. 
While Eric feels that, as an information scientist or library technologist, there are intriguing opportunities to work with not only schools and government, but business and industry, which are so often at the forefront of innovation and usability.  Eric hopes to ultimately be employed making his ideas applicable to real-world problems, meaningful in some way to society at large.  He is also becoming increasingly interested in notions of not only authorship, but readership, digital literacy, and electronic literature. Questions of texts and technology will figure prominently as we move forward in this new age of information, and there are many relevant issues for us to address as LIS scholars and practitioners. In particular, he would like to begin examining how narrative and literary theory might be used to better inform the coding behind word processors and search engines.

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