Blackwell's Scholarship Award

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About the Blackwell's Scholarship Award
Honors the author or authors of the year's outstanding monograph, article or original paper in the field of acquisitions, collection development, and related areas of resources development in libraries.

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2010 Co-Winner(s)

Creating Organization Name Authority within an Electronic Resrouces Management System

Kristine Blake and Jacquie Sammples Library Resources and Technical Services, vol. 53, no. 2 (April, 2009), pp. 94-107
In their article, Samples and Blake explore the need for name authority control within E-Matrix, the locally developed electronic resources management (ERM) system at North Carolina State University (NCSU). They reviewed practices across the academic library and vendor communities, strategies for data evaluation, best practices, and challenges in implementation. Blake and Samples note that librarians at NCSU realized that standardization was necessary to enhance collection intelligence by improving the methods for collecting, tracking, reporting, and analyzing data. The authors describe and include examples and illustrations of NCSU's design and workflow for conducting name authority work in E-Matrix. Their findings confirm that imposing name authority control on the organization name data within an ERM leads to greater precision and comprehensiveness in reporting and collection analysis efforts, which results in more accurate and cleaner data. The authors' research also demonstrated that opportunities exist for future research, for collaboration, and for enhancement of the original project.