Ralph R. Shaw Award for Library Literature (HISTORICAL)

About the Ralph R. Shaw Award for Library Literature Established in 1959 and donated by Scarecrow Press, this award is to be presentated to an American librarian for an outstanding contribution to library literature published during the three years preceding the presentation. (formerly the Scarecrow Press Award for Library Literature)

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Herman Fussler1976 - Winner
No awards given1975 - No Awards Given
Shera, Jesse L.Foundations of Education for Librarianship1974 - Winner
No awards given1973 - No Awards Given
No awards given1972 - No Awards Given
Hoadley, Irene BradenThe Undergraduate Library1971 - Winner
Martin, LowellLibrary Response to Urban Change1970 - Winner
McCoy, RalphFreedom of the Press: An Annotated Bibliography1969 - Winner
Asheim, LesterLibrarianship in the Developing Countries1968 - Winner
No awards given1967 - No Awards Given
DeWitt Metcalf, KeyesPlanning Academic and Research Library Buildings1966 - Winner
Bowler, RobertaLocal Public Library Administration1965 - Winner
Holley, Edward G.Charles Evans, American Bibliographer1964 - Winner
Goldhor, HerbertPractical Administration of Public Libraries1963 - Winner
Wheeler, Joseph L.Practical Administration of Public Libraries1963 - Winner
Vann, Sarah K.Training for Librarianship before 19231962 - Winner
No awards given1961 - No Awards Given
Fiske Lowenthal, MarjorieBook Selection and Censorship1960 - Winner
Book Selection and Censorship1960 - Winner