Notable Films for Adults

About the Notable Films for Adults
Notable Films for Adults is a list of 15 outstanding programs released on video within the past two years and suitable for all libraries serving adults.

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Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame StreetStreet Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street2022 - Winner
Missing in Brooks CountyMissing in Brooks County 2022 - Winner
Alice StreetAlice Street 2022 - Winner
Belly of the BeastBelly of the Beast2022 - Winner
Colectiv (Collective)Colectiv (Collective)2022 - Winner
The Donut KingThe Donut King2022 - Winner
How It Feels To Be FreeHow It Feels To Be Free2022 - Winner
Mr.Soul!Mr.Soul!2022 - Winner
Orchestrating ChangeOrchestrating Change2022 - Winner
The Reason I JumpThe Reason I Jump2022 - Winner
Sisters RisingSisters Rising 2022 - Winner
StrayStray2022 - Winner
FloatFloat2021 - Winner
Beyond the BolexBeyond the Bolex2021 - Winner
Creem: America’s Only Rock N Roll MagazineCreem: America’s Only Rock N Roll Magazine 2021 - Winner
For SamaFor Sama2021 - Winner
Feels Good ManFeels Good Man2021 - Winner
BuddyBuddy2021 - Winner
GritGrit2021 - Winner
HoneylandHoneyland2021 - Winner
John Lewis: Good TroubleJohn Lewis: Good Trouble2021 - Winner
N. Scott Momaday: Words From A BearN. Scott Momaday: Words From A Bear2021 - Winner
Recorder: The Marion Stokes ProjectRecorder: The Marion Stokes Project2021 - Winner
Who Will Write Our HistoryWho Will Write Our History2021 - Winner
Always In SeasonAlways In Season2020 - Winner
Crime + PunishmentCrime + Punishment2020 - Winner
Dawnland: A Documentary about Cultural Survival and Stolen ChildrenDawnland: A Documentary about Cultural Survival and Stolen Children2020 - Winner
Hail Satan?Hail Satan?2020 - Winner
It Must Schwing!It Must Schwing!2020 - Winner
Kusama Infinity2020 - Winner
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My VoiceLinda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice2020 - Winner
MaidenMaiden2020 - Winner
Personal StatementPersonal Statement2020 - Winner
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly IvinsRaise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins2020 - Winner
Roll Red RollRoll Red Roll2020 - Winner
The River and the WallThe River and the Wall2020 - Winner
They Shall Not Grow OldThey Shall Not Grow Old2020 - Winner
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I AmToni Morrison: The Pieces I Am2020 - Winner
UntouchableUntouchable2020 - Winner
Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes and FeelingLorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes and Feeling2019 - Winner
After AuschwitzAfter Auschwitz2019 - Winner
DeejDeej2019 - Winner
The DepartureThe Departure2019 - Winner
DoloresDolores2019 - Winner
Finding KukanFinding Kukan2019 - Winner
Hale County This Morning, This Evening.Hale County This Morning, This Evening.2019 - Winner
JacksonJackson2019 - Winner
McQueenMcQueen2019 - Winner
My Love Affair With the BrainMy Love Affair With the Brain2019 - Winner
QuestQuest2019 - Winner
RBGRBG2019 - Winner
Rebels on PointeRebels on Pointe2019 - Winner
Rumble: The Indians That Rocked the WorldRumble: The Indians That Rocked the World2019 - Winner
Won’t You Be My NeighborWon’t You Be My Neighbor2019 - Winner
Last Man in AleppoLast Man in Aleppo2018 - Winner
Abacus, Small Enough to JailAbacus, Small Enough to Jail2018 - Winner
David Lynch: The Art LifeDavid Lynch: The Art Life2018 - Winner
Dawson City Frozen TimeDawson City Frozen Time2018 - Winner
GleasonGleason2018 - Winner
Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405Heaven is a Traffic Jam2018 - Winner
I Am Not Your NegroI Am Not Your Negro2018 - Winner
I Called Him MorganI Called Him Morgan2018 - Winner
Awake, A Dream from Standing RockAwake, A Dream from Standing Rock2018 - Winner
NewtownNewtown2018 - Winner
The Pearl ButtonThe Pearl Button2018 - Winner
Last Man in AleppoLast Man in Aleppo2018 - Winner
The Pearl ButtonThe Pearl Button2018 - Winner
Political AnimalsPolitical Animals2018 - Winner
The Talk: Race in AmericaThe Talk: Race in America2018 - Winner
TowerTower2018 - Winner
Whose Streets?Whose Streets?2018 - Winner
Dewey the Cat’s Favorite: KediDewey the Cat’s Favorite: Kedi2018 - Winner
3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets2017 - Winner
Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution2017 - Winner
Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare)2017 - Winner
Heart of a Dog2017 - Winner
The First Monday in May2017 - Winner
How to Change the World2017 - Winner
Last Day of Freedom2017 - Winner
Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine2017 - Winner
Long Story Short2017 - Winner
OJ: Made in America2017 - Winner
Sembene!2017 - Winner
She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry2017 - Winner
Under the Sun2017 - Winner
Welcome to Leith2017 - Winner
What Happened, Miss Simone?2017 - Winner
India’s DaughterIndia’s Daughter2016 - Winner
Whole Gritty CityWhole Gritty City2016 - Winner
Web: Connecting Is Just the BeginningWeb: Connecting Is Just the Beginning2016 - Winner
Watchers of the SkyWatchers of the Sky2016 - Winner
The SquareThe Square2016 - Winner
Salt of the EarthSalt of the Earth2016 - Winner
Punk SingerPunk Singer2016 - Winner
Missing PictureMissing Picture2016 - Winner
Kill TeamKill Team2016 - Winner
Great InvisibleGreat Invisible2016 - Winner
Freedom SummerFreedom Summer2016 - Winner
E-TeamE-Team2016 - Winner
Call Me LuckyCall Me Lucky2016 - Winner
Alive InsideAlive Inside2016 - Winner
God Loves UgandaGod Loves Uganda2016 - Winner
Anita: Speaking Truth to PowerAnita: Speaking Truth to Power2015 - Selection
Harvest of EmpireHarvest of Empire2015 - Selection
The Act of KillingThe Act of Killing2015 - Selection
After TillerAfter Tiller2015 - Selection
Dirty WarsDirty Wars2015 - Selection
Five Broken CamerasFive Broken Cameras2015 - Selection
Gideon’s ArmyGideon’s Army2015 - Selection
Inequality for AllInequality for All2015 - Selection
Internet’s Own BoyInternet’s Own Boy2015 - Selection
Let the Fire BurnLet the Fire Burn2015 - Selection
Los Angeles Plays ItselfLos Angeles Plays Itself2015 - Selection
Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of GodMea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God2015 - Selection
Los Angeles Plays ItselfLos Angeles Plays Itself2015 - Selection
Particle FeverParticle Fever2015 - Selection
Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a PeopleThrough a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People2015 - Selection
Who is Dayani Cristal?Who is Dayani Cristal?2015 - Selection
The ImposterThe Imposter2014 - Selection
Ai WeiWei: Never SorryAi WeiWei: Never Sorry2014 - Selection
Brooklyn CastleBrooklyn Castle2014 - Selection
The Central Park FiveThe Central Park Five2014 - Selection
The GatekeepersThe Gatekeepers2014 - Selection
The House I live inThe House I live in2014 - Selection
How to Survive a PlagueHow to Survive a Plague2014 - Selection
Where Heaven Meets HellWhere Heaven Meets Hell 2014 - Selection
Invisible WarInvisible War2014 - Selection
Jiro Dreams of SushiJiro Dreams of Sushi2014 - Selection
KumareKumare2014 - Selection
LeviathanLeviathan2014 - Selection
A Place at the TableA Place at the Table2014 - Selection
Project NimProject Nim2014 - Selection
Soul Food JunkiesSoul Food Junkies 2014 - Selection
How Does It FeelHow Does It Feel2013 - Selection
InocenteInocente2013 - Selection
Into EternityInto Eternity2013 - Selection
How Does It Feel2013 - Selection
Girl ModelGirl Model2013 - Selection
Benda Bilili! [look beyond appearances]Benda Bilili! [look beyond appearances]2013 - Selection
The Loving StoryThe Loving Story2013 - Selection
The Light in Her EyesThe Light in Her Eyes2013 - Selection
The Pruitt-Igoe MythThe Pruitt-Igoe Myth2013 - Selection
Pink Ribbons, Inc.Pink Ribbons, Inc.2013 - Selection
Scenes of a CrimeScenes of a Crime2013 - Selection
Scenes of a CrimeScenes of a Crime2013 - Selection
Semper Fi: Always FaithfulSemper Fi: Always Faithful2013 - Selection
Sing Your SongSing Your Song2013 - Selection
You’ve Been TrumpedYou’ve Been Trumped2013 - Selection
We Were Here: The AIDS Years in San Francisco(2012) 90 minutes. Docurama. DVD: $29.95. Available from various distributors in DVD and streaming. Information at www.wewereherefilm.comWe Were Here: The AIDS Years in San Francisco2013 - Selection
Where Soldiers Come FromWhere Soldiers Come From2013 - Selection
Better This WorldBetter This World2012 - Selection
A Film UnfinishedA Film Unfinished2012 - Selection
Mugabe and the White AfricanMugabe and the White African2012 - Selection
Battle for BrooklynBattle for Brooklyn2012 - Selection
Hot CoffeeHot Coffee2012 - Selection
A Small ActA Small Act2012 - Selection
CatfishCatfish2012 - Selection
Freedom RidersFreedom Riders2012 - Selection
Neshoba: the price of freedomNeshoba: the price of freedom2012 - Selection
BonecrusherBonecrusher2012 - Selection
The Labyrinth: The testimony of Marian KolodziejThe Labyrinth: The testimony of Marian Kolodziej2012 - Selection
The FlawThe Flaw2012 - Selection
Iraq: War, Love, God and MadnessIraq: War, Love, God and Madness2012 - Selection
Jaffa: the orange's clockworkJaffa: the orange's clockwork2012 - Selection
The Price of SexThe Price of Sex2012 - Selection
Malls R UsMalls R Us2010 - Selection
American OutrageAmerican Outrage2010 - Selection
Trouble the WatersTrouble the Waters2010 - Selection
At the Death House DoorAt the Death House Door2010 - Selection
I.O.U.S.A.I.O.U.S.A. 2010 - Selection
The World According to MonsantoThe World According to Monsanto2010 - Selection
Waltz with BashirWaltz with Bashir2010 - Selection
Operation FilmmakerOperation Filmmaker2010 - Selection
Walk to BeautifulWalk to Beautiful2010 - Selection
Sita Sings the BluesSita Sings the Blues2010 - Selection
Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?2010 - Selection
Lake of FireLake of Fire2010 - Selection
In Search of MemoryIn Search of Memory2010 - Selection
Who Does She Think She Is?Who Does She Think She Is?2010 - Selection
Flow: For the Love of WaterFlow: For the Love of Water2010 - Selection
The Order of MythsThe Order of Myths2009 - Selection
Deep WaterDeep Water2009 - Selection
Fat ChanceFat Chance2009 - Selection
How I AmHow I Am2009 - Selection
Miss NavajoMiss Navajo2009 - Selection
No End in SightNo End in Sight2009 - Selection
Cats of MirikitaniCats of Mirikitani2009 - Selection
Price of SugarPrice of Sugar2009 - Selection
SharkwaterSharkwater2009 - Selection
Steal a Pencil for MeSteal a Pencil for Me2009 - Selection
To See If I'm SmilingTo See If I'm Smiling2009 - Selection
War DanceWar Dance2009 - Selection
What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally MannWhat Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann2009 - Selection
The Business of Being BornThe Business of Being Born2009 - Selection