Emily Dean Heilman Award

About the Emily Dean Heilman Award To present an award for Excellence in Librarianship to a Turkish library science student

 Emily Dean (Heilman) went to Turkey in 1948 and worked in the American Library in Ankara. She conducted studies on libraries and the status of librarianship in Turkey. Ms. Dean participated in planning for a three-year library school in Turkey. 

Ms. Dean also helped establish librarianship as a distinct academic branch. Stressing the need for a library school in Ankara University, she suggested establishing a librarianship institute in the Faculty of Political Sciences and applied to the Ford Foundation for assistance. Despite the Foundations' positive response, the Faculty of Political Sciences declined, citing other priorities and an inadequate budget. The idea was then proposed to the Faculty of Letters. In 1958 the Institute of Librarianship had its first graduates and an "Emily Dean Thesis Award" was awarded to three students. 

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Third Place

2008 Recipient(s)

Asil Dogmus

"Information literacy in primary education and school libraries"

Second Place

2008 Recipient(s)

Berrak Tamer

"Staff management problems related to university libraries in Turkey"

First Place

2008 Recipient(s)

Mesut Yilmaz

"Cataloging errors as obstacles in access to information in the e-catalog of library at the Faculty of Letters of Ankara University"