World Book ALA Goal Award (HISTORICAL)

About the World Book ALA Goal Award
The World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award seeks to promote exemplary information literacy programs in public and school libraries. The annual awards are designed to encourage and support innovative and effective information literacy programs in today’s school and public libraries.

Administered by:

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Award and Frequency

Two annual awards of $5,000 and a plaque.
This award is not currently being given out.


Public or School Library

Application Instructions


Award suspended until further notice




Provide a concise description of the project.

Statement of Need
A. Include a brief description of the library organization making an application in terms of geographical location, library's clientele, and other descriptive      information which will provide a clear understanding of the applicant.
B. Provide a clear statement of the need which this particular project addressed. Describe the project's relationship to the organization's goals and to the community. Specify the target group of the project. Describe how representatives of the group have participated in the needs assessment project. (Include needs assessment documentation if available.)

Project Implementation
A. Identify person(s) responsible for this project and give qualifications and background.
B. Describe the project plan in detail including instructional methods, materials, qualifications of trainers and resource people, agenda and other pertinent details.

Describe what measurement was used to evaluate how well the project's goals and objectives were achieved. Such measurement should include assessment of the project's impact. Include any instruments, evaluation methods and timetable.

Contact Information

Cheryl Malden
Program Officer
American Library Association
Governance Office
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL  60611

1-800-545-2433 X3247
312-280-5014 - Fax

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Selection Criteria

The criteria for selection of an award winner include:
  • the impact on the community served by the library
  • evidence that the project served as a model with potential to be adopted by other libraries
  • the program was well-defined and addressed a need

Proposals are judged for:
1. Clear statement of organization goals and objective
2. Clear statement of the link between library objectives and community impact
3. Clear identification of the audience for the project and development of a program directed at that audience.
4. Documented need for the program; was the need well-defined
5. The quality of the design of the program.
6. The clarity of the action plan and calendar
7. Whether the needed resources were available (including staff) to make the program a success.
8. Whether the budget was adequate and reasonable for the program.
9. Whether appropriate evaluation methods were used.
10. Additional areas that may be considered: the importance of the problem addressed; the seriousness of the proposal to the library's needs; whether the program improved delivery of services to user.