Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

About the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
To encourage young adults to read for pleasure by presenting to them lists of popular or topical titles which are widely available in paperback and which represent a broad variety of accessible themes and genres.

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Gowns Greasepaint and Guitars

2013 Selection(s)

Ambitious: A Premier High Novel

McKayhan, Monica. KimaniTru. 2011. $9.99

Can this Brooklyn girl make it all the way to Hollywood?


Flack, Sophie. Poppy. 2012. $8.99.

Can Hannah survive the gritty and glamorous world of NYC ballet?

Five Flavors of Dumb

John, Antony. Speak. 2011. $8.99.

You don't have to hear the music to be a rock star.

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

Haston, Meg. Poppy. 2012. $7.99.

Popular mean girl Kacey's life changes when she gets braces and glasses.

Scott Pilgrim Vol 1

O'Malley, Bryan Lee. Illus. Bryan Lee O'Malley. Oni Press. 2004-2010. $11.99.

Kung fu, rock and roll, clueless romantic angst, and sarcasm.

So you wanna be a superstar? The ultimate audition guide

Michael, Ted. Running Press Books. 2012.

This book will help you nail the best audition of your life!

Uptown Dreams

London, Kelli. Dafina Teens. 2011. $9.95.

Rising stars at the Harlem Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.


Martinez, Jessica. Simon Pulse. 2012. $9.99

Crushing on the competition.

Where She Went

Forman, Gayle. Penguin. 2012. $8.99.

Three years later, two musicians, one night only!

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Green, John and David Levithan. Speak. 2011. $8.99.

Two Will Graysons and one Tiny Cooper create musical magic.