Trustee Citation Award

About the Trustee Citation Award
The ALA Trustee Citation  recognizes public library trustees for distinguished service to library development, symbolizes and honors the best contributions and efforts of the estimated 60,000 American citizens who serve on library boards. Trustee service may have been performed on the local, state, regional or national level or at a combination of levels. Equal consideration is given to trustees of small, medium and large public libraries. Citations may not be awarded when there is no sufficiently outstanding achievement brought to the attention of the Awards Committee.

Administered by:

Winner image
Beverly MullBeverly Mull2013 - Winner
G. Victor JohnsonG. Victor Johnson2013 - Winner
Gwendolyn B. Guster WelchGwendolyn B. Guster Welch2012 - Recipient
Richard J. RyanRichard J. Ryan2012 - Recipient
Donald W. Green2008 - Co-Winner
Dr. Barbara Prentice2008 - Winner
Patricia O'H. Norman.2007 - Co-Winner
Jane Rowland2007 - Co-Winner
No awards given2006 - No Awards Given
Robert B. Lyons2005 - Co-Winner
Jim Connor2005 - Co-Winner
Alma Dennis2004 - Winner
Charles Rozier2003 - Co-Winner
Bill Murphy2003 - Co-Winner
Glenna Gillespie Kramer2002 - Co-Winner
Mary Lou Dewey2002 - Co-Winner
Ruth Newell2001 - Co-Winner
Virginia McCurdy2001 - Co-Winner
Jean Thibodeaux Kreamer2000 - Winner
Rebecca Shroeder1999 - Co-Winner
Otissey Denton1999 - Co-Winner
Jack Cole1998 - Co-Winner
Wayne Coco1998 - Co-Winner
Jeanne Davies1987 - Co-Winner
Joanne C. Wisener1987 - Co-Winner
Amanda L. Williams1986 - Co-Winner
John H. Robertson1986 - Co-Winner
Deborah Miller1985 - Winner
Peggy Helmerich1985 - Winner
Elmer M. Jackson1984 - Co-Winner
Helen Muir1984 - Co-Winner
Diana Hunter1983 - Co-Winner
C. Vernon Cooper, Jr.1983 - Co-Winner
Wilda Marston1982 - Co-Winner
Esther W. Lopato1982 - Co-Winner
Kay L. Vowvalidis1981 - Co-Winner
Marie C. Goss1981 - Co-Winner
Howard Lipton1980 - Co-Winner
Dorothy C. Hevelone1980 - Co-Winner
James A. Hess1976 - Co-Winner
Elizabeth A. Ruffner1976 - Co-Winner
Marie Cole1975 - Winner
Dorothy Engstrom Rosen1975 - Winner
George W. Coen1970 - Co-Winner
John Veblen1970 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Weldon Lynch1964 - Recipient
Mrs. Samuel Berg1964 - Recipient
John E. Fogarty1963 - Recipient
Kenneth U. Blass1963 - Recipient
Raymond A. Young1962 - Co-Winner
S.L. Townsend1962 - Co-Winner
Paul D. Brown1961 - Co-Winner
Walter L. Varner1961 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Emil G. Bloedow1960 - Co-Winner
Thomas Dreier1960 - Co-Winner
Francis Bergan1959 - Co-Winner
Alan Neil Schneider1959 - Co-Winner
J. Henry Mohr1958 - Co-Winner
Cecil Edmonds1958 - Co-Winner
J.N Heiskell1957 - Co-Winner
Reverend Stephen M. Pronko1957 - Co-Winner
Eugene A. Burdick1956 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Otis G. Wilson1956 - Co-Winner
Mrs. George R. Wallace1955 - Co-Winner
Ralph D. Remley1955 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Merlin M. Moore1954 - Co-Winner
Joseph B. Fleming1954 - Co-Winner
Judge Frank A. Smith1953 - Co-Winner
Jacob M. Lashly1953 - Co-Winner
Mr. Harold J. Baily1952 - Co-Winner
Mrs. A. J. Quigley1952 - Co-Winner
Milton G. Farris1951 - Co-Winner
Charles P. Farnsley1951 - Co-Winner
Anthony J. Cerrato1950 - Co-Winner
Hazel M. Wills1950 - Co-Winner
Robert B. Tunstall1949 - Co-Winner
Julia Brown Asplund1949 - Co-Winner
Thomas J. Porro1948 - Co-Winner
Emma V. Baldwin1948 - Co-Winner
Mary E. Frayser1947 - Co-Winner
Thomas H. McKaig1947 - Co-Winner
James J. Weadock, Jr.1946 - Winner
Mrs. Lucy Wilson Errett1945 - Co-Winner
M.M. Harris1945 - Co-Winner
B.F. Coen1944 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Lenore W. Smith1944 - Co-Winner
Ora L. WIldermuth1943 - Co-Winner
Mrs. Marian Doren Tomlinson1943 - Co-Winner
James Oliver Modisette1942 - Winner
William Elder Marcus1941 - Co-Winner
Rush Burton1941 - Co-Winner