Schneider Family Book Award

About the Schneider Family Book Award The Schneider Family Book Awards honor an author or illustrator for a book that embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences.
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A Sky-Blue BenchA Sky-Blue Bench2022 - Honor
Stuntboy, in the MeantimeStuntboy, in the Meantime2022 - Honor
Words in my HandsWords in my Hands2022 - Winner
A Kind of Spark2022 - Honor
A Face for Picasso: Coming of Age with Crouzon SyndromeA Face for Picasso: Coming of Age with Crouzon Syndrome2022 - Winner
A Bird Will SoarA Bird Will Soar2022 - Winner
My City SpeaksMy City Speaks2022 - Winner
A Walk in the WordsA Walk in the Words2022 - Honor
Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin2021 - Honor
All the Way to the Top: How One Girl's Fight for American with Disabilities Changed Everything2021 - Honor
I Talk Like A River2021 - Winner
Show Me A Sign2021 - Winner
When Stars are Scattered2021 - Honor
Get A Grip Vivy Cohen2021 - Honor
This is My Brain in Love2021 - Winner
Each Tiny SparkEach Tiny Spark2020 - Winner
The Silence Between UsThe Silence Between Us2020 - Winner
Silverstein, Karol RuthCursed2020 - Winner
Song For A WhaleSong For A Whale2020 - Winner
A Friend for HenryA Friend for Henry2020 - Winner
Jensen, Kelly(Don’t) Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start the Conversation about Mental Health2019 - Honor
West, WestThe Collectors2019 - Honor
Connor, LeslieThe Truth as Told by Mason Buttle2019 - Winner
Wulfekotte, DanaThe Remember Balloons2019 - Honor
Oliveros, JessieThe Remember Balloons2019 - Honor
Magoon, ScottRescue & Jessica A Life-Changing Friendship2019 - Winner
Downes, PatrickRescue & Jessica A Life-Changing Friendship2019 - Winner
Kensky, JessicaRescue & Jessica A Life-Changing Friendship2019 - Winner
Say, AllanSilent Days, Silent Dreams2018 - Winner
Gardner, WhitneyYou’re Welcome, Universe2018 - Winner
Green, ShariMacy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess2018 - Winner
Lord, EmeryWhen We Collided2017 - Winner
Reynolds, Jasonas brave as you2017 - Winner
Bryant, JenSix Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille2017 - Winner
Toten, Teresaunlikely2016 - Winner
Bradley, Kimberly BrubakerWar2016 - Winner
Hunt, Lynda MullalyFish2016 - Winner
Qualls, SeanEmmanuel2016 - Winner
Thompson, Laurie AnnEmmanuel2016 - Winner
Martin, Ann M.RAIN REIGN2015 - Winner
Giles, GailGirls Like Us2015 - Winner
Rabinowitz, AlanA BOY AND A JAGUAR2015 - Winner
Wein, ElizabethRose under fire2014 - Winner
Haskell, MerrieHandbook for Dragon Slayers2014 - Winner
Sweet, MelissaSplash of Red2014 - Winner
Bryant, JenSplash of Red2014 - Winner
Lerangis, PeterSomebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am2013 - Winner
Mazer, HarrySomebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am2013 - Winner
Lean, SarahA Dog Called Homeless2013 - Winner
Alexander, ClaireBack to Front and Upside Down!2013 - Winner
Selznick, BrianWonderstruck: A Novel in Words and Pictures2012 - Winner
Bauer, Joanclose to famous2012 - Winner
Van Draanen, WendelinThe Running Dream2012 - Winner
John, AntonyFive Flavors of Dumb2011 - Winner
Sonnenblick, JordanAfter Ever After2011 - Winner
Avril, LynneThe Pirate of Kindergarten2011 - Winner
Lyon, George EllaThe Pirate of Kindergarten2011 - Winner
Christensen, BonnieDjango2010 - Winner
Stork, Francisco X.Marcelo in the Real World2010 - Winner
Baskin, Nora RaleighAnything but Typical2010 - Winner
Connor, LeslieWaiting for Normal2009 - Winner
Friesen, JonathanJerk, California2009 - Winner
Parker, Robert AndrewPiano Starts Here: The Young Art Tatum2009 - Winner
Dodson, BertKami and the Yaks2008 - Winner
Stryer, Andrea StennKami and the Yaks2008 - Winner
Zimmer, Tracie VaughnReaching for Sun 2008 - Winner
Rorby, GinnyHurt Go Happy 2008 - Winner
Christie, R. GregoryThe Deaf Musicians 2007 - Winner
Seeger, PeteThe Deaf Musicians 2007 - Winner
DuBois, PaulThe Deaf Musicians 2007 - Winner
Sachar, LouisSmall Steps2007 - Winner
Lord, CynthisRules2007 - Winner
Uhlberg, MyronDad, Jackie, and Me 2006 - Winner
Fusco, Kimberly NewtonTending to Grace 2006 - Winner
Rapp, AdamUnder the Wolf, Under the Dog2006 - Winner
Bootman, ColinDad, Jackie, and Me 2006 - Winner
Abeel, SamanthaMy Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir2005 - Winner
Sweetland, Robert L.My Pal Victor/Mi amigo, Victor 2005 - Winner
Gonzaels, DianeMy Pal Victor/Mi amigo, Victor 2005 - Winner
Ryan, Pam MuñozBecoming Naomi León 2005 - Winner
Lang, GlennaLooking Out For Sarah2004 - Winner
Clements, AndrewThings Not Seen2004 - Winner
Mass, WendyA Mango Shaped Space2004 - Winner