ABC-CLIO Award for Best Book in Library Literature

About the ABC-CLIO Award for Best Book in Library Literature To recognize those who improve management principles and practice, understanding and application of new techniques, or further the education of librarians or other information specialists.

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2015 Winner(s)

Rare Books and Special Collections

written by Sidney E. Berger, published by ALA Neal-Schuman

"Rare Books and Special Collections" provides a broad, yet comprehensive examination of the foundations and practices that are integral to rare books and special collections librarianship. The book was selected as the award winner for its in-depth overview style that effectively captures and discusses the key elements of rare books and special collections principles and management in one volume. A result of years of acquired knowledge and experience, Berger’s work supplies a body of knowledge that covers diverse, yet fundamental areas, including explorations of key attributes and elements of physical collections, management philosophy and legal issues. Berger’s detailed, yet accessible prose, accompanied by thorough research and extensive notes as well as the strategic use of illustrations makes this book an invaluable work for rare books and special collections librarians, as well as those that manage institutions that maintain such collections.