Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award

The Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award recognizes documents librarians who may not be known at the national level but who have made significant contributions to the field of state, international, local, or federal documents. This award recognizes those whose contributions have benefitted not only the individual's institution but also the profession.
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Year Began: 1994


Bernadine Abbott Hoduski retired in 1997 after serving as professional librarian/staff member for the Joint Committee on Printing for nearly 25 years. Prior to joining the Joint Committee on Printing she served as Head Librarian, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Kansas City and as guest lecturer at Central Missouri State University and the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Library Schools.

Bernadine received her M.A. in Librarianship in 1965 from the University of Denver, Colorado. She was awarded the EPA Bronze Medal for Commendable Service in 1973. Bernadine was a charter member of the Advisory Council to the Public Printer on Depository Libraries, 1973-1975 and she organized the first Federal depository regional seminar in Kansas City in 1973.

Bernadine founded the Government Documents Round Table in 1972. She has been the conscious and standard bearer for the Federal depository library program, documents librarian and "documents to the people" for more than a quarter century. She has served as Chair of GODORT, as co-editor of the Documents to the People, and as a member of editorial boards of Government Publications Review and Index to U.S. Government Periodicals. She was awarded the James Bennett Childs Award for distinguished contributions to documents librarianship in June 1977.

Although retired Bernadine continues her active involvement in ensuring public access to government information. During 1998/1999 she has been a member of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Revising Title 44. In Spring 1999 Bernadine was elected GODORT's first Councilor to the American Library Association.

Portions of the above taken from DttP, v.5, no.5 (Sept.1977)

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