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ABC-CLIO Award for Best Book in Library Literature

To recognize those who improve management principles and practice, understanding and application of new techniques, or further the education of librarians or other information specialists.

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Aurianne Award

First made in 1958, this annual award recognizes outstanding books on animal life which may develop a humane attitude in children.

Given for the best fiction or non-fiction book written for children between the ages of 8-14 years.

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Children and Young Adults

Book Trailer Contest

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), has announced the finalists for two of its book awards: the Morris Award for the best YA book written by a first-time author and the Nonfiction Award for the best nonfiction book written for teens. Each

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David Cohen Multicultural Award

To encourage as well as recognize articles of significant new research and publication that increases understanding and promotes multiculturalism in libraries in North America. Works published within the last two years preceding the award application deadline

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Articles, Papers & Research

Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award

A bi-annual award recognizing and honoring a librarian who invests time and talent to make positive changes in the profession of librarianship by:
  • taking risks to further the cause;
  • helping new librarians grow and achieve;
  • working for change within the American

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Great Interactive Software for Kids List

The Great Interactive Software for Kids list identifies exemplary computer software and multi-platform media for children currently available.

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Award Recommended Print Media List
Children and Young Adults