State Library Agency Section


The purpose of the State Library Agency Section is to develop and strengthen the unique role and functions of state library agencies in providing leadership and services that foster and improve the delivery of library services. To stimulate the continued professional development of state library agency personnel in discharging their unique functions in such areas as statewide planning and evaluation, services to state governments and legislatures, services to local libraries, services to users with special needs, etc.

Discussion groups are Consultants for Service to Children and Young People, LSTA Coordinators, and State Library Consultants/Library Development.

Executive Committee

Use this link to view up-to-date contact information for the  SLAS Executive Committee.

SLAS Committees and Discussion Groups Rosters

Committees and discussion groups serve the interest of participants. Current committees and discussion groups for SLAS are listed here.


2010 Midwinter Executive Committee Meeting (PDF format)

SLAS-L: Electronic Discussion List

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