Working Group Notes

Division Leadership Working Group

*Give audience information they didn’t know at the start of the conversation.

*Always be politically neutral.

Sheet 1

Target: Community Member/Taxpayer

Reason: taxpayer is concerned about e-books

  • Libraries give the public the information they need to make informed choices about devices.

  • Go with good statistics.  Our circulation of materials at  St. Louis Public Library was 10% of the entire states circulation.

  • Free- technology petting zoo- experts at the library and we can show you.

Sheet 2

Target: Another Librarian in ALA in different division

Add an incredible fact they didn’t know (brain research as predictor of student success).

  • ALSC librarians are the first to introduce children to reading. Direct link to academic success.

  • Multigenerational

  • Introduce joy of reading to children throughout life

Sheet 3

Target: Director of Library

Reason: This director only supports conference attendance for book award committee members. How can “X” go to conference to network and go to educational programs?

  • New ALSC member needs to communicate the value of conference attendance.

  • Will come back with 3 stealable ideas that can be implemented right away

  • Present ideas/train her peers (economies of scale, train the trainer)

  • New faces/ tell her which vendors to negotiate with on behalf of director or other staff members. (3 days to do her activities and 1 day to do others- pick up handouts, meetings, etc.)

  • Demonstrate she has done everything she can do virtually (work-related).

  • Find a champion who has gone to conference to speak for her

  • Value of bringing back fresh perspective to 21st century librarianship, rather than relying on seniority for attendance.

Sheet 4

Target: City Council/Funders

Reason: Value of Storytimes

  • Storytimes make a difference for children and parents (product & content).  We provide 1,000 patrons with early literacy tipsheets. We reached 1,000 people. Located on website- green initiative.
  • Storytime is the only exposure to English before kindergarten.  Valuable experience, otherwise child could fall behind.
  • Storytime is the engine that drives the library.  Children grow up to be adult patrons and voters (train image).

Sheet 5

Target: PTA Group/Parent Group

Reason: Show the worth of children’s services to an individual at PTA.

  • Library provides independent choice for readers

  • Free resources/Expert Guidance (pre-paid, you’ve already paid for services, use them.

  • Library provides chance for enrichment (even in the poorest neighborhoods).

Sheet 6

Target: Parent-Guided Reading

Reason: Parent only wants accelerated reader titles to take back to child.

  • I know you are in a hurry, and I’m going to get you what you want, but research tells us that children who are able to make independent reading choices will read more and children who read independently will score 100 points higher on the SAT. (address situation, credential self as expert).

  • Libraries provide children with these choices and your taxes have already paid for it. So essentially our books are free for you and your child.

  • I’d be happy to recommend ten and let your child choose.

Sheet 7

Target: Foundation Board

Reason: laptops for laptop loaner program

80% of my reference questions are homework help.

Bring pictures of kids waiting four computer use. One picture is worth a 1,000 words. (Always have your digital camera ready.  Be aware of privacy. Take pics of full computer use).

  • Equitable access- 10,000 families served and 65% don’t have computer access.

  • Internet- 15% increase in Internet access use in fiscal year.  Only 6 patrons can use at a time.

  • Access- Need 4 extra laptops to loan out for job searching.

Sheet 8

Target: State Library

Reason: State library has place at the table with school readiness committees in government.  Libraries will be left behind if not at the table at the state level.  Need to trickle down to communities.

  • Race to the top money

  • IMLS money

  • Other initiatives-big stuff- early learning

Sheet 9

Target: Wisconsin State Legislature

Reason: Did you know public libraries are considered educational institutions.

  • Public libraries are the only free accessible resource available to 0-5 in communities.

  • Patrons receive $4.05 in services and programs at the public library for every $1.00 in state funding.

  • Public libraries are an educational equalizer

ALSC messages:

  • Opportunity for new ideas

  • Community of similar minds.  Many members are working alone in their libraries, if need help or additional information can call all over the country.

  • 2002- Great ALSC Program- first heard about early literacy.  Gave me the words to articulate the power of early literacy research.  Since 2002, I’ve been able to make a difference in children’s lives.

  • 50 best hours of continuing education/benchmarks- take home to be better librarian and help immediately serve my community in new ways.

  • You review children’s books- best way to learn about children’s books is to go to the public library.