Responsibility Statement

The “job description” or “responsibility statement” or “commitment statement” of members; that is, recruiting and sustaining members is everyone’s job/responsibility.

Advocacy is everyone’s job. It’s important to articulate where the roles and responsibilities fit into the ALSC members “life” within the association, at conferences and at “home.” Consultant recommendations for integrating advocacy into ALSC include:

  • Assess all ALSC committee charges and goals to identify advocacy content. Consider adding advocacy components across the spectrum of committees.

  • Revise Issues and Advocacy page to expand advocacy information, link training materials and provide increased links to research and data for advocacy. (See “Final Report” section.)

  • Review Priority Group I activity on advocacy and consider including advocacy training in this charge or create an Ad Hoc Advocacy Training group.

  • Consider specific columns for advocacy in the ALSC Blog, other ALSC publications.

  • Continue to gather best practices on Children’s and Youth advocacy training rollout and establish an online environment such as a wiki.

  • Consider expanded advocacy training at ALA conferences for children’s and youth attendees. Digital and actual poster sessions? Role playing with scripts?

  • Expand measurement and assessment web content links for children and youth to support advocacy content.

  • Consider the design of advocacy language/content for children’s and youth librarians that might include:

    1. Job description language for children’s librarians

  1. Model outcomes statements for children’s services that focus on advocacy

  1. The design of an advocacy speaker’s bureau within each state (identification of individuals and training)

  1. The design of an advocacy mentor program where members can seek and be matched to individuals who would provide peer assessment of advocacy initiatives

  1. Consider the design of curriculum for library programs and continuing education for Library Schools