2022 ALSC Summer Reading Lists

ALSC's Quicklists Consulting Committee has updated our Summer Reading Lists with new and exciting titles for 2022!

The lists are full of book titles to keep children engaged in reading throughout the summer. Four Summer Reading lists are available for birth-preschool and grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8. Each list is available here to download for free. Titles on the 2022 Summer Reading Lists were compiled and annotated by members of ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee. ALSC reading lists are created as a resource for children's librarians to share with patrons. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to explore these titles to find resources that may match or spark their child's interest.

ALSC Summer Reading List  Birth - Pre-K (PDF)

ALSC Summer Reading List  Kindergarten - Grade 2 (PDF)

ALSC Summer Reading List  Grade 3 - Grade 5 (PDF)

ALSC Summer Reading List  Grade 6 - 8 (PDF)