Program Proposal Information

The following is information about submitting a program proposal for the 2016 ALA Annual Conference (June 23 - 28, 2015; Orlando, FL).  The ALSC Program Coordinating Committee will begin reviewing the proposals as they are received.  A printable version of program proposal information is also available for your reference.

Program Proposal Form

  • Participants attending ALSC programs are seeking valuable educational experiences and are critical of presenters or sessions that are self-promotional. The Program Coordinating Committee will not select a program session that suggests commercial sales or self-promotion.  Presentations should provide a valuable learning experience and avoid being too limited in scope.
  • The deadline for proposals is Friday, June 7, 2015.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from the Program Coordinating Committee Chair after submitting your proposal.  Contact the Program Coordinating Committee Chair if you do not receive acknowledgement before the deadline date.  Late proposals will not be considered.
  • The committee will be discussing program proposals at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and will notify participants of program acceptance by July 10, 2015.

Filling out the Proposal Form

To submit your program proposal you will need to use the online form.  The form cannot be saved, therefore once you have entered your information you must submit it; you cannot enter information and come back to it later.  Information that has been submitted cannot to be updated.  

Proposed Program Title and Description

Your title and description should catch the attention of your intended audience.  Keep in mind program tracks are determined by description and title.  The maximum length of the program description is 75 words or less.

Name of Committee/Group Presenting Program

If you are a member of an ALSC committee that wishes to present a program, please enter the name of the committee here.  Program proposals do not necessarily have to originate from committee work.  If you are not a member of an ALSC committee, you may wish to contact the chair of an appropriate ALSC committee to seek a letter of support to submit with your proposal.


List an ALA unit or division that you would like to co-sponsor the program in name only.  This is an endorsement of your program by the other ALA units or affiliates who have members that would benefit from your program topic.  The ALSC Board and the group you list must both approve the co-sponsorship request.

Program Organizer 

Enter the name of the one person who will be responsible for organizing the program.  The ALSC office will communicate with this person.  If the contact person should change (term on a committee ends) prior to the Program Coordinating Committee reaching a decision, please contact the ALSC office and submit a new contact person’s name.

Goals & Learning Outcomes 

Please describe the goals and objectives of your program.  Please list in a clear, specific, concise and measurable way the learning outcomes for the attendees.  What information and outcomes will the attendees learn and take away?

Target Audience and Estimated Audience Size

Indicate who will benefit from attending this program as well as your expected audience size.  Your target audience should be a guide in estimating the size of your audience.  Meeting room space is assigned based on this number.  Be aware that attendees are employed in urban, suburban and rural areas.  They work at public, private, school, special libraries and in addition to librarians, may be educators, review editors, students, and retirees. 

Program Day and Time (Annual Conference Programs Only)

Click in the field and select from the drop down menu a preferred day and time.  Flexibility is important as timeslots are limited.  Programs are placed into time slots ALA-wide based on topics and therefore times can not be guaranteed but we ask that you list your preference.  Saturday and Sunday afternoon times are the most requested.  Options include: 8:30 - 10 am; 10:30 - 11:30 am; 1 - 2:30 pm; 3 - 4 pm; and 4:30 - 5:30 pm.  

Budget Information

Speaker-Related Expenses

The ALSC budget for programs is limited and any anticipated expenses should be noted on your program proposal for the committee to review before making a decision.  If you plan to include an author or illustrator as part of your program, you should first contact their publisher(s) to seek sponsorship of the appearance. It is not a given that the publisher will sponsor your first choice, so have backup choices ready, and begin contacting publishers early (at least a year in advance). It is possible to invite an author before you know whether or not your program proposal has been accepted; just be sure to let the publisher and author know the invitation is contingent upon the program's acceptance by the ALSC Program Coordinating Committee. In most cases the publisher and author will be willing to put the appearance on the author's calendar on this basis, to be confirmed immediately upon your notification of acceptance. If not, you may need to invite your second-choice author.
In accordance with ALA practice, ALSC and ALA members, and non-member librarians may not receive payment for programs presented at the Annual Conference or Midwinter Meeting. This includes honoraria, reimbursements for expenses related to travel, and registration fees.
Honoraria and expenses for eligible presenters must be approved by the Program Coordinating Committee in consultation with the ALSC staff prior to program approval.  Eligible presenters will receive a one-day speaker badge.
Should lodging be provided to a speaker, it will be limited to a one-night hotel stay, either the night before or the night of the program date.  
Travel Definitions:
Per Diem This will cover the cost of meals.  The limit is $50 per day.  A guideline to follow is Breakfast- $10, Lunch-$15, and Dinner- $25.  Alcohol is not covered under per diem.  Original receipts are required for all meals.  Room service should be deducted from per diem.
Travel Airline/train ticket of reasonable fare, commensurate with distance traveled.  Mileage will be reimbursed at the current mileage rate established by the IRS if the presenter drives to the conference.
Lodging One hotel night.  Does not include incidentals such as phone calls, Internet access, movie rental, mini-bar expenses.

Handouts and Pre-Printed Materials for Distribution at the Program

The ALSC office will make handouts for your program not to exceed four pages, double-sided, copied in black and white.  In efforts to be more environmentally friendly, ALSC has decreased the amount of printing prepared for conferences.  Booklists, Power Point presentations and more extensive handouts should be placed onto the program description in ALA Connect and noted of their availability in program publicity.
If handout masters are not submitted by the deadline, you or your speaker will be responsible for reproducing and carrying them to the program.  Each program (not speaker) is allowed to submit receipts for reimbursement of photocopies up to $50.00 to ALSC after the conference.  It is highly recommended that you submit handout masters to the ALSC office to avoid this step.
If you or a presenter has pre-printed materials to distribute at your program (posters, bookmarks, flyers, etc.) the ALSC office can arrange delivery to your program.  They must be received in the ALSC office by the specified deadline so they can be shipped with the ALA supplies.  

Audio Visual Equipment

Each room is equipped with the following standard set: theatre setup and screen, projector, laptop, podium microphone, floor microphone, (2) table microphones. Standard laptop computers provided are loaded with Windows XP, MS Office (includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint), Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, CD-ROM and mouse.
Additional requests are subject to approval by ALSC staff, as ALSC does incur costs for each item requested.