Library Treasure Hunt Grades 5-8

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Complete the questions below for clues that will lead you to puzzle pieces that you will put together.  Complete the activity and receive your reward!

If you have questions about the clues, be sure to ask one of the friendly library staff members to give you a hint!  Good luck!

Clue #1.  Introduce yourself to a library staff member. Get her/his signature and receive your first puzzle piece.


Clue #2.  Use <database of librarian’s choice> and conduct a search using the terms <librarian’s choice> to find out <librarian’s choice>.  Locate non-fiction books on the shelf to find your second puzzle piece.

Answer to above question: ______________________________________________________________

Call numbers of books found:


Clue #3.  Locate the Magazine Section and write down the title of one of the magazines, you’ll also find your third puzzle piece here.


Clue #4.  Browse the J/YA fiction section.  Find an author whose last name begins with the same letter of the alphabet as your last name.  List the title of one book by that author.  Search this area for your fourth puzzle piece.

Clue #5
.  What is the Dewey Decimal/Library of Congress number for books about Science Projects?  Find a non-fiction title on the shelf, write the title below, and receive your fifth puzzle piece.

Dewey/LC #: ____________________________________________________  

Title: __________________________________________________________


Clue #6
.  Using the Online Catalog, find the author of the following books:

<Librarian selects 2-5 titles to list here>

**Locate the place on the shelf where the books are found to find your sixth puzzle piece.

Clues #7-10
.  <Librarian creates additional clues that require the use of electronic resources and employ other library skills to round out the hidden puzzle pieces.>