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This summer I can hardly wait to go to the library.  Last year, I checked out this awesome book called The  ________________ (adjective)  _______________(noun) and the Great __________(color) _______________(animal) .  It was so _____________(adjective) that I ran over to my best friend’s house to show her.  We laughed at the picture of the ________(adjective)________________(different animal)!  I read the whole book in __________(number) hours! 

When I returned the book, I asked the librarian, Mr. _________________(name of bug)–
__________________(article of clothing), for another one that was just as funny as the first one.  He gave me 10 books that he thought I’d really love.  

I also love going to the library to get movies and music.  My favorite movie from the library is _____________(number)  ______________(noun) Go To the ___________(fun place to visit).  It has a great scene where the _______________(plural noun) go play _____________(outdoor sport) in a ________________(body of water)!  I wish I could do that, too. 

My favorite band is The ___(adjective)___   ___(type of lizard)___  and their new CD, The Land of Oz, is great.  I borrowed it from the library and listened to it every day.

My library has lots of great programs during the summer, too.  The best program that I went to taught me how to build a ________________(thing).  Mine turned out really well and I loved to _______________(verb) my little brother around the ________________(place) with it!