Kids! @ your library® - Archived Page


So Much to See/So Much to Do @ your library

ALSC’s Kids! @ your library® campaign (2006-2010) was a public awareness effort designed to help libraries reach out to kids, their parents and caregivers. As part of the campaign, a tool kit was created by librarians for librarians using feedback from practitioners in the field and kids from across the country. It provided tips and materials to help librarians position their library as a valuable and important community center for kids and their families. 

Although the campaign is no longer active, many of the tool kit resources are still relevant and valuable to practitioners. Dive in and use what you'd like; customize to your needs.

1. Sample Communication Plan

2. Publicity, Programming & Promotion

  • Tween-friendly programs 
  • A Bibliography of Books about Kids and Libraries
  • A List of Songs for Kids about Reading and Libraries
  • Top Ten Things for Kids to Do @ your library® - in English and Spanish!
  • Spread the Word: There’s so much to see, so much to do @ your library®
  • Sign ‘em Up!
  • Arrange an Author Visit
  • Host a Celebrity Read-a-thon
  • 10 Places to Reach Parents
  • Reach Out to Kids & Families
  • What Works: Good Ideas from ALSC Members
    • Helping parents
    • Helping homeschoolers
    • Enriching after school time
    • Promoting books & reading
    • Making time for families
    • Making learning fun
    • More ideas

3. Media and Marketing 

4.  Quotable Quotes

5. Download FREE Logos/Poster art/Line Art - So Much to See/Do logos in various languages, line art for craft projects/coloring pages, print-ready poster and bookmark designed by David Diaz  

6.  "@ your library" - Where to find Bill Harley's song

7.  Games, puzzles, and other fun things for kids to do @ your library®
Games and Puzzles with library themes to download and copy for programs, school visits, and other uses. 

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Double Puzzle
  • Letter Tiles Game
  • Mazes (for various age levels)
  • Word Searches (for various age levels)
  • Hidden Pictures Puzzles

8.  Fun Activities Your Library Can Hold

  • Letterboxing Activity   
  • Poetry Programs
  • Bookmark Contests
  • Mad Lib Games - "Summer at the library" themed game!
  • Readers Theater "How to" Guide
  • Readers/Story Theater Scripts - The Library Card and Bud, Not Buddy
  • Scavenger Hunts - Library treasure hunt for grades 5 through 8!