News You Can Use

Looking for the latest news and published research you can use in making your advocacy case? These recent reports are must-reads for you and your stakeholders!  Use the facts, figures, and other information presented here to assert the critical role of libraries in your community.

How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities
This Pew Research Center report is packed with key data and statistics about the key role of libraries in the lives of Americans. The vast majority of respondents ages 16 and older have favorable impressions of their libraries, with 94% stating that having a public library improves the quality of life in a community. While most Americans know where their local library is, many are unfamiliar with all the services they offer. With this report's valuable findings in mind, craft welcoming invitations to families and community groups who may not be visiting your library or capitalizing on all the programs, services, and resources available to them. (December 2013)

Children, Adolescents, and the Media
In this revision of a 2001 policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates for a balanced approach to media use with children and adolescents ages 8-17 to minimize the health risks of excessive consumption. Among other recommendations, the statement suggests parents develop "media diets" for their children and engage in regular co-viewing to maximize positive outcomes. Use this report to show how libraries can help create meaningful media experiences for youth through family engagement and community partnerships. (October 2013)

Early Warning Confirmed: A Research Update on Third-Grade Reading
Published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this report addresses why children from low-income families are often unable read at grade level by the end of third grade and how this challenge affects their graduation rates. (2013)

Growing Young Minds: How Museums and Libraries Create Lifelong Learners 
Published by the Institute of Museum and Library Services in conjunction with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, this report focuses on three early learning challenges faced by low-income communities (school readiness, school attendance, and summer learning loss) and how libraries and museums can act as equalizers for combating these challenges. (June 2013)

Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading 
Published by the Pew Research Center, this report consists of four main findings: (1) Parents of minor children have a special relationship with libraries; (2) Most parents believe libraries are very important for their children and provide extra resources that are not available at home; (3) Parents are more likely than other adults to use libraries for their own benefit; and (4) Mothers are considerably more engaged with libraries than fathers. (May 2013)

Library Services in the Digital Age
Published by the Pew Research Center, a key finding of this report stands out: Americans say libraries are important to their families and communities, but they often do not know all the services libraries offer.  This report offers facts and figures on who's using libraries and how as well as Americans' top priorities for libraries: coordinating more closely with local schools and offering free literacy programs to help young children. (January 2013)