Community Forum - February 2019

2018 Young Children, New Media, and Libraries survey and Digital Media Awards

This forum provided an overview and introduction into two new initiatives with ALSC in its ongoing commitment to supporting librarians as media mentors in their service to children and families. First, we discussed the 2018 updated version of ALSC’s first national survey of libraries and new media, originally administered in 2014, which demonstrated a strong commitment among libraries to providing a range of technology for families with young children. The new survey offers compelling, widespread insights into the changes to this still largely uncharted and varied landscape. Following this, we shared information about ALSC’s two new achievements related to media: ALSC’s brand new Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award and the Notable Children’s Digital Media (formerly Great Websites) list.

This forum was held on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 12pm CST.


  • Learned how libraries are providing access, education, and guidance with new media for young children and their caregivers
  • Learned how their library peers are using new media in library programming with children and their caregivers
  • Learned more about resources and tools to guide use of new media in programming with young children and their caregivers
  • Learned about the Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media award, its history, the criteria, and why it was created.
  • Learned about the process of creating the award criteria
  • Learned how the award criteria aligns with ALSC’s Media Mentorship recommendations as well as expert recommendations related to children’s technology design and media use by young children and their caregivers.
  • Learned about the Notable Children’s Digital Media list—origins, criteria, and more.
  • Learned how library staff can use these criteria when evaluating media for use in their own programs or for recommendations to parents and caregivers.

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ALSC recognizes media mentorship as an important, developing role for children's librarians and, therefore, has made this archived forum available to both members and non-members.

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