Louise Seamen Bechtel Fellowship Past Winners

* Please note: articles were not written or not available electronically for all years/winners.

2023: No fellows were selected. 

2022: J. Joseph Prince

2021: No fellows were selected.

2020 award: No fellows were selected.

2019 award: Beth McIntyre and Caroline Ward

2018 award: Anne Mlod, JoAnna Schofield, and Lisa Von Drasek

2017 award: Angela ReynoldsThe Better to See You With: Peering into the Story of Little Red Riding Hood, 1695–1939

2016 award: Bridgid Mangan and Wendy Stephens
Illustrator Extraordinaire: Bechtel Fellow Enthralled by Arthur Rackham by Bridgid Mangan
Young Voices from the Field and Home Front: World War II as Depicted in Contemporary Children’s Literature by Wendy Stephens

2015 award: No fellows were selected 

2014 award: Natalie Ziarnik, "Where Fantasy and Facts Meet: Fairy Science Books from 1870 to 1900."
Published in Children and Libraries, Vol. 13, no. 2, Summer 2015, pp.5-12 as "Where Fantasy and Facts Meet: Fairy Science Books from 1870 to 1900."

2013 award: Alison Anson and Susan Wackerbarth: "In a Nutshell: Bechtel Scholar Studies Chapbooks, Sendak"

2012 award: Allison Angell, "School Stories"

2011 award: Allison G. Kaplan, "Board Books: From Toy to Literacy Tool"
Published in Children and Libraries, Vol. 10, no. 3, Winter 2012, pp. 41-44 as “From Board to Cloth and Back Again

Victoria Penny: "Rediscovering a Child’s Sense of Wonder: Depictions of Nature and Outdoor Play in Historical Children’s Literature"

2010 award: Christina H. Dorr, "Searching for Heroes."
Published in Children and Libraries , Vol. 9, no. 2, Summer/Fall 2011, pp. 42-49 as "Searching for She-Roes: A Study of Biographies of Historic Women Written for Children."

2009 award: Linda Martin, "Storytelling in the Content Areas."

2008 award: Mary Elizabeth Land, "Home for the Holidays: The Depiction of Holiday Themes in Books for Children."
Published in Children and Libraries , Vol. 9, no. 3, Winter 2011, pp. 25-38 as "Home for the Holidays: The Depiction of Holiday Themes in Historical Children's Literature."

2007 award: Charmette Kendrick, "The Goblins Will Get Ya: A Survey of Horror in Children's Literature from the 19th and Early 20th Centuries."
Published in Children and Libraries , Vol. 7, no. 1, Spring 2009, pp. 19-23 as "The Goblins Will Get You: Horror in Children's Literature from the Nineteenth Century."

2006 award: Jacquelyn S. Rogers: "The child illustrated: Social roles revealed through dress depicted in 19th and 20th Century children's literature."
Published in Children and Libraries , Vol. 6, no. 3, Winter 2008, pp. 41-46 as "Picturing the Child in Nineteenth-Century Literature: The Artist, the Child, and a Changing Society."

Mary G. Marshall: Anatomy of a book collection: Ruth M. Baldwin and her quest to build an historical children's book collection (1953-1990)
Published in Children and Libraries, Vol. 12, no. 1, Spring 2014, pp. 21-26 as "The Inimitable Ruth Baldwin: Anatomy of a Collector and a Library."

2005 award; research done in 2006: Sharon Deeds: Mother Goose: An historical and social perspective

2004 award; research done in 2005:
Jean Hatfield: Literature of L. Frank Baum, and
Joyce Laiosa: Alphabet books of the 19th Century
Published in Children and Libraries, Vol. 9, no. 1, Spring 2011, pp. 28-33 as “A Is for Alligator, Or How a Bechtel Fellow Learns the Alphabet

2003 award; research done in 2004: Mary Humphrey: Heroic quest tales in fairy tales and folk literature

2002 award; research done in 2003: Leslie Barban: E. Nesbit and early 20th Century British children's literature.
Published in Children and Libraries, Vol. 3, no. 1, Spring 2005, pp. 43-47 as "The Evolution of Children's Literature: Getting Sidetracked--Delightfully--at the Baldwin Library." 

2001 award; research done in 2002: Jane Marino: History and evolution of children's songs
Published in Children and Libraries , Vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 2003, pp. 17-25 as "Joyful Noise: A Study of Children's Music at the Baldwin Library for Historical Children's Literature." 

2000 award; research done in 2001: Mary Ann Paulin: Choral reading and poetry for children

Kathleen Simonetta: Conflict resolution in early children's books

1999 award; research done in 2000: Julia Massie: Children's poetry

1998 award; research done in 1999: Floyd Dickman: 19th and 20th Century editions of Cinderella

1997 award; research done in 1998: Kathy East: Books children would have read in the 1880's, in preparation for establishing a one room 1880's school house for local children to visit.

1996 award; research done in 1997: Jan Watkins: Family stories from the 1930's and 1940's

1995 award; research done in 1996: Marsha Cutler: Fairy and folk tales to be used in storytelling

1994 award; research done in 1995: Kathy Toon: 19th and early 20th Century series books

1993 award; research done in 1994: Sue McCleaf Nespeca: 19th and 20th Century pop-up books