1998 Notable Children's Videos

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Notable Children's Videos (1999) Committee members: Marilyn Payne Phillips, University City (MO) Public Library, Chair; Patricia J. Cianciolo, Michigan State University (Emeritus); Jane Claes, John R. Good (TX); Maria L. McLane, Akron-Summit County (OH) Public Library; Elizabeth B. Miller, University of South Carolina; Leslie L. Jacobs, Alton Elementary School (Memphis); Susan Moore, Louisville (KY) Free Public Library; Eleonor Putnam, Lake Otis School Library (Anchorage); Angela Read, Glenn Stephens Elementary School (Madison, WI); Flo Starkey, District Materials Center (NM); Irene Symons, Queens Burough (NY) Public Library.

A Visit with Tomie dePaola
25 min VHS. Prod. by Red Eft Productions
Dist. by The Putnam & Grosset Group
1997. $39.95
Children's author and illustrator Tomie dePaola invites you to tour his home and studio. dePaola shares his ideas about reading, writing, and art. He also introduces viewers to some of his hobbies. Ages: 6 and up.

Get to Know Gerald McDermott
21 min. VHS. Prod. by Harcourt Brace Trade Division
Dist. by Harcourt Brace Trade Division
1996. $40
Gerald McDermott, Caldecott Medalist for "Arrow to the Sun," is not only a picture-book artist, but one of the most gifted authorities on mythology and its role in cultural history and preservation. In this video, students will hear Gerald McDermott tell several of his award-winning stories and see him in his studio as he demonstrates his remarkable painting technique of his trickster characters. He also shares his love for reading and drawing and shows children how to develop their own artistic vision. Ages 9 and up.

Officer Buckle and Gloria
11 min. VHS. Prod. by Weston Woods
Dist. by Scholastic
1995. $60
In this animated version of Peggy Rathmann's Caldecott award-winning book, nobody ever listens to Officer Buckle's safety tips until the new police dog. Gloria, demonstrates the dire consequences of ignored safety rules to the delight of students in Napville Schools. Gloria helps Officer Buckle learn a very important lesson about friendship. Ages 4 and up.

Take Joy! The Magical World of Tasha Tudor
47 min. VHS. Prod. by Weston Woods
Dist. by Scholastic
1997. $30
An Artful and elegant portrayal of the work, philosophy, personality, and unique life style of Tasha Tudor, a much loved and respected author and illustrator. A wide age range of her readers, as well as new comers, will enjoy this multi-leveled glimpse of her life. Ages 6 and up.

Willa: An American Snow White
88 min. VHS. Prod. by Tom Davenport
Dist. by Davenport Films
1997. $39.95
The classic Grimm Tale is reset in Virginia in 1915 as innocent young Willa is forced from home by her stepmother, an aging actress obsessed with her fading beauty. Willa joins three colorful actors in a traveling medicine show and in a multi-layered, fascinating adaptation, finds Shakespeare, an apple, and true love in the person of a handsome moving picture maker. The 1998 Carnegie Medal winner.