2019 Notable Children's Digital Media


The Notable Children’s Digital Media list includes real-time, dynamic, and interactive media content for children 14 years of age and younger that enables and encourages active engagement and social interaction while informing, educating, and entertaining in exemplary ways.

Artie's Magic Pencil. iOS/Android. PreK

Children join Artie on an interactive and creative drawing adventure as they learn how shapes can combine in a variety of ways to form objects. Downloadable worksheets for continued learning off-screen are also included.

Be Internet Awesome. Elementary, Middle School

Explore the Interland, featuring four challenging games that teach kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship: Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Be Internet Strong, Be Internet Kind, and Be Internet Brave. Also features educational resources for both educators and parents regarding digital safety and citizenship for kids.

Coral Reef. iOS. PreK, Elementary

Part of Tinybop's Explorer's Library series, Coral Reef encourages children to learn about marine life and explore the reef ecosystem.

Ed and the Curious Crew at The Royal Children's Hospital. iOS/Android. Elementary, Middle School

Designed by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, this app uses videos and games to give kids a behind-the-scenes "tour" of the hospital and lets kids explore the hospital's different departments and careers.

Hopscotch. iOS. Elementary, Middle School

Hopscotch is a visual coding language that allows kids to create their own games and apps via drag and drop. Video tutorials and lesson plans for educators are also available.

Inventioneers. iOS/Android/Amazon/Windows. Elementary, Middle School

Explore physics concepts in a fun, game-based environment. Complete levels to earn additional objects to use in building your own invention.

Khan Academy Kids. iOS. PreK

Whimsical characters guide early learners through a multitude of interactive songs, videos, and activities in the areas of literacy, language, math, and logic. Caregivers can also track their child's progress through a report card feature.  

Lexi's World. iOS. PreK, Elementary

This app introduces letters, spelling, typing, and animals to kids. Children discover new words as they interact with Lexi's World.

Living Paintings: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. iOS/Android. Elementary

Learn about the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum's most famous works of art through interactive games. Young artists can also upload or create their own masterpieces in the art studio, using 20 different colors and four artistic mediums.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories. iOS/Android/Amazon. PreK/Parent/Caregiver

Relax into bedtime with calming stories, specifically created to help children drift off to sleep with soothing music, audio effects, and narration.

Nighty Night. iOS. PreK 

A calming bedtime app, Nighty Night allows children to interact with the short story by turning off lights and putting animals to bed, accompanied by music and narration.

Peek-a-Zoo. iOS. PreK

Peek-a-Zoo is a  simple-to-use app game that teaches children to recognize emotions and interpret facial expressions by having them answer questions about animated animals.

Play and Learn Science. iOS/Android. PreK, Elementary

With 12 interactive games that can be played in English or Spanish, Play and Learn Science by PBS Kids encourages children and caregivers to explore basic earth science, physical science, and life science topics together.

Queer Kid Stuff. Web. PreK, Elementary

Lindsay and co-host Teddy educate children on a variety of LGBTQ+ topics in an entertaining way in this web series. Printable activity sheets are also included.

RelationShapes. iOS/Android. PreK

Develop visual-spatial reasoning by playing with different shapes and then making meaning out of them using fun stickers and backgrounds.

Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth. iOS. Elementary, Middle School

Designed by NASA, this educational game explores life on the International Space Station and allows users to conduct scientific experiment games revolving around growing plants in space. Features additional information regarding actual plant life experiments in space, as well as an educator's guide.  

Members of the 2019 Notable Children's Digital Media Committee are: Alia Shields, co-chair, Cherry Hill (New Jersey) Public Library; Alec Chunn, co-chair, Eugene (Oregon) Public Library;  Laura Benn, Yolo County (California) Library; Heather Love Beverley, Cook Memorial Public Library District, Libertyville, Illinois; Kelsey Matoushek, Broome County (New York) Public Library; Awnali Mills, Henrico County (Virginia) Public Library; and Elizabeth Saxton, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.