ALSC Travel Policy

From the ALSC Handbook of Organization: Committees of ALSC

Travel funds for the Executive Director shall be planned and budgeted in advance and travel undertaken with the concurrence of the ALSC Directors based on semi-annual forecasts of travel deemed necessary to ALSC’s interests; unforecast travel by the Executive Director shall be undertaken with the concurrence of the ALSC President followed by reports at semi-annual conferences that include the source of funds allocated to cover such expenses.

Travel by the Executive Director at the expense of ALA or any other organization or institution shall be undertaken only with reasonable prior notice to and the concurrence of ALSC’s President.

Revised Draft, June 1983:

  1. Officers, directors, members, and headquarters staff may travel on ALSC business of the following types:

    1. To represent the Association in an official capacity.
    2. To present a speech or paper as an ALSC representative.

    3. To discharge administrative responsibilities.

    4. To attend or participate in a program or function useful or beneficial to ALSC.

  2. Representation and Reimbursement:

    1. It is expected that the ALSC President shall represent the Association whenever possible.

    2. As the ALSC budget permits, travel by officers, directors, or members of ALSC undertaken in connection with or furtherance of divisional business will be either wholly or partially reimbursed except in the instances of ALA conference attendance.

  3. Approval and Review of Travel:

    1. All estimated needs for travel expenses must be requested through the established budgetary procedures which provide for discussion and approval by the ALSC Board of Directors initially at the Midwinter Conference and finally at the Annual Conference.

    2. It is expected that the Executive Director and the President of ALSC will review their travel activity with the Board of Directors at each Midwinter and Annual Conference. Such review will include travel plans for the ensuing 6-month period, and the Board shall determine the priority of such plans in light of current budgetary limitations.

    3. Official representation, opportunities to make speeches or present papers, or other duties involving travel which arise between conferences shall be assigned to appropriate members of the Executive Committee or by the President in consultation with the Executive Director, taking into consideration such factors as distance, time, requirements of the assignment, and benefits to ALSC. All interim decisions regarding travel shall be promptly reported in memoranda to the ALSC Board by the President or the Executive Director.