ALSC Matters!

ALSC Matters! is the official newsletter of the Association for Library Service to Children.


  • February issue: mid-January
  • May issue: mid-April
  • August issue: mid-July
  • November issue: mid-October

The ALSC Newsletter began in September 1978. Publication was suspended in May 1981 and resumed on a semi-annual basis in December 1982. Volume 14 consisted of three issues and beginning with Volume 15, the ALSC Newsletter became quarterly.

In 2003, the newsletter's name changed to ALSConnect. The March 2003 issue was Volume 1, no. 1. ALSConnect had a completely new print design, an online version, and slightly different content than the ALSC Newsletter. The June 2007 issue of ALSConnect was the final print issue. Beginning with the September 2007 issue, ALSConnect became an online-only newsletter.

To avoid confusion with ALA Connect, ALA's social media component, the ALSConnect name was changed to ALSC Matters! The first issue of ALSC Matters! was March 2012 (Volume 10, no. 1). Volume numbering continued where ALSConnect left off since there were no major changes other than the name.

Policies and Procedures


  1. Statement of Purpose

    ALSC Matters! is the official newsletter of the Association for Library Service to Children. ALSC Matters! primarily serves as a vehicle for information about the association and delivers news from ALSC members and the field at-large, ideas, views, and other information of interest to librarians serving youth.
  2. Content

    Material normally takes the form of brief reports, news items, and announcements.
  3. Scope

    ALSC Matters! is a vehicle for brief, current information, contains program news, committee news, relevant news and items of interest to our members and other librarians serving youth, ALSC Office notes, member news and profiles, conference announcements, and an idea exchange section.
  4. Copyright

    All material in ALSC Matters! is subject to copyright by ALA and may be photocopied for the noncommercial purpose of educational or scientific advancement.
  5. Editorial Responsibility*

    The editor has the final responsibility for the content of ALSC Matters! within the parameters of ALA and ALSC policies.* Because ALSC Matters! is an official publication of ALSC, the editor has particular responsibility to convey full and accurate information about the activities, purpose, and goals of the association. The editor must assume an obligation to represent the best interests of the association fairly and as fully as possible within the scope of ALSC Matters! and with due regard to the editor’s prerogatives in producing a balanced and readable publication.

    Sharing information within the newsletter from organizations outside of ALA does not constitute an endorsement of any kind from ALSC for the organization or its resources or products.

SECTION II—Personnel

  1. Editor: The editor of ALSC Matters! shall:

    1. Assume final authority for content of each issue of ALSC Matters!

    2. Be responsible for copy solicitation, development, and editing.

    3. Provide full production services, including layout, proofreading, and web development, for ALSC Matters!

    4. Have the option to assign areas of editorial responsibility to others.

  2. ALSC Staff: The staff shall:
    1. Oversee all aspects of production, distribution, and financial management of ALSC Matters within the parameters of ALA and ALSC policies.*

    2. Provide information and copy to the editor relative to division activities, programs, etc.


Approved by the ALSC Board, Midwinter 1981.
Revised 2005.
Name changed from ALSConnect to ALSC Matters!, March 2012.
Revised February 2015.


*ALA policies may be found in the ALA “Position Statement and Policies and Procedures” Manual, available at

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