ALSC Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines


The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), greatly values financial support from reputable corporations to further ALSC’s mission to create a better future for children through libraries. Financial support from corporate sponsors may allow ALSC to engage in mission‐focused programs and activities that could not otherwise be pursued. The following guidelines have been established to ensure that all of ALSC’s corporate sponsorship arrangements advance ALSC’s mission and strategic goals, to serve the best interest of ALSC.

Definition of Corporate Sponsorship:

For the purpose of these guidelines, “corporate sponsorship” means a contribution from a business (either in cash or in‐kind) that is provided as a donation to support initiatives, specific programs, activities, or events of ALSC’s.

Consistency with ALSC Mission and Strategic Plan

ALSC will not partner with businesses for corporate sponsorships if the business or products sold are inconsistent with ALSC’s mission and strategic plan.

Review and Approval

Any proposed corporate sponsorship will be vetted by the ALSC Office and must be approved by the ALSC Board to ensure that the arrangements are consistent with ALSC’s mission and goals, and that any potential conflicts of interest are disclosed and addressed. Each corporate sponsor must agree that the ALSC Office will review and approve all marketing materials prepared by the corporate sponsor bearing ALSC’s name, logo, and/or other identifying information prior to publication or dissemination.

No Endorsement

ALSC does not endorse its corporate sponsors, their policies, products, or services, nor imply that ALSC will exert any influence to advance the corporation’s interests outside the particulars of the arrangements made for the sponsored event or activity. The following language will be included in any written agreement with the corporate sponsor: “ALSC’s name, logo and/or identifying information may not be used in a manner by the corporate sponsor that would express or imply ALSC’s endorsement of the corporation or its products, services or policies.”

Written Agreement

The terms, conditions, and purposes of the financial support will be documented by a signed agreement between the corporate sponsor and ALSC. The agreement will identify whether any of the payments from the sponsor are for advertising.

No Free Advertising or Return Benefit

Sponsors are making a contribution to support ALSC’s mission and are not entitled to receive free advertising (as that term is defined by the Internal Revenue Code (ʺIRCʺ) or Internal Revenue Service (ʺIRSʺ) rules and regulations) or other substantial return benefits from ALSC. ALSC may, in its sole discretion, provide acknowledgments of a sponsor’s contributions; however, sponsors are not entitled to such acknowledgments as a condition of their contributions.


Consistent with federal tax laws, ALSC may acknowledge the corporate sponsor’s support for ALSC through a corporate sponsorship payment in program materials and activities and may include acknowledgments of the corporation’s financial and other support. Such acknowledgments may identify and describe the corporation’s products or product lines in neutral terms and may include the sponsor’s name, logo, slogan, locations, telephone numbers, or website addresses as long as such acknowledgments do not include (a) comparative or qualitative descriptions of the company’s products, services, or facilities; (b) price information or other indications of savings or value associated with the company’s products or services; (c) a call to action; (d) an endorsement; or (e) an inducement to buy, sell, or use the sponsor’s product or service. Any acknowledgments of corporate sponsorships will be created by, or subject to prior review and approval, by the ALSC office.

No Product Promotion

Sponsors are not permitted to advertise, market, or otherwise promote specific products and services in connection with their sponsorship of ALSC‐related programs and activities, but products or services may be listed or displayed at ALSC’s events as long as no endorsement by ALSC is implied.

No Contingent Payments

ALSC will not enter into any arrangements with corporate sponsors where the amount of payment by the corporation is contingent upon attendance at an event or any other measures of public exposure.

Special Events

ALSC will have complete control of the content and speakers at any sponsored activity or event. Corporate sponsors will not control the planning, content, or execution of the activity or attempt to direct or influence the content of ALSC’s programs, except that ALSC may ask the sponsor for suggestions to enhance the experience for the sponsor.


Reports on ALSC corporate activities relating to corporate sponsors will be regularly presented to the ALSC Board.


Whenever possible and feasible, ALSC shall seek funding for programs from a variety of sources. It is understood, however, that occasions may arise when support of a specific event, program, or special event from a single source is appropriate. ALSC will exercise special caution so that in circumstances when single support is granted, ALSC avoids conflicts of interest and guards against any perception of conflict of interest. ALSC will generally ask corporate sponsors to refrain from sponsoring other events, programs, or activities that are substantially similar to the event, programs, or activities conducted by ALSC.


Where appropriate, ALSC will ensure that sponsoring organizations agree to appropriate indemnification and hold harmless provisions to protect ALSC and its officers, directors, employees, and agents against any liability that might arise out of the sponsoring organizations’ acts or omissions with respect to a particular arrangement, including but not limited to any acts or omissions relating to the marketing, sale, dissemination, and/or use of a corporate sponsor’s products. ALSC may also require corporate sponsors to add ALSC to the sponsors’ liability insurance where appropriate.


ALSC reserves the right to terminate any corporate sponsorship if the sponsor or its representatives or agents engage in any conduct that would lead ALSC to reasonably determine that its continued participation in the arrangement with a particular company would adversely affect the goodwill and reputation of the ALSC or its members. In the event of any such termination, ALSC will relinquish the sponsor’s contribution and return all unused funds. In such cases, corporate sponsors may not use ALSC’s name without the written approval of ALSC.


ALSC’s Board is responsible for establishing the principles and guidelines governing ALSC’s relationships with corporations. The ALSC Office is responsible for day‐to‐day oversight of all corporate sponsorship arrangements.

Adapted from the National Council of Nonprofits’ “Term Sheet for Developing Policy Guidelines on Corporate Sponsorships."

Adopted by the ALSC Board on July 2, 2013.