New ALSC Logo

Background Information:

In 2016, ALSC sought to refocus its strategic direction. As an organization driven by more than 4,000 members, ALSC heavily relied on input during the summer and fall of 2016 from its Board members and division members during two in-person focus group sessions, two online focus groups, an all-member ALSC Community forum, and feedback collected during the 2017 Midwinter Leadership and ALSC meeting to create the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. Feedback related to the association’s value, evolution of the library profession, and visions of the future of library service to children was collected.

Informed by this valuable feedback, ALSC leadership crafted a forward-looking plan with a bold new vision statement: Members of the Association for Library Service to Children engage communities to build healthy successful, futures for all children. To support this vision, design of a new ALSC logo was approved for the FY18 budget; a logo that would convey ALSC’s core values, refined vision, and the work its members do to engage communities. 

In June 2018, ALSC staff began the search for a design firm that would bring the ALSC vision to life through a modern and creative logo. Three firms were interviewed and one was selected in July 2018. To gain a better understanding of the association, its membership, and goals, the designers conducted phone calls and an in-person discovery meeting with ALSC staff. During this meeting, ALSC’s core values, spheres of transformation, and strategic objectives were discussed, and member feedback from the strategic planning focus group sessions was examined when discussing the field of children’s librarianship and the ALSC brand.

Based on the discussions, the designers drafted and presented three logo options for consideration. After several rounds of review, feedback from board members and staff, and refinement of the designs, one logo rose to the top, and we were pleased to unveil the new ALSC logo during the ALSC 2018 National Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Our New Look:

The new ALSC logo is at once welcoming and relaxed, modern and clean. The image’s abstract book shape and subtle nested leaves come together to resemble a shield. The color palette is a lush and soothing gradation from deep blue to cool green, embodying vitality, growth, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Although the libraries and children’s library staff of today (and tomorrow!) offer so much more than just books, books remain familiar symbols for knowledge and learning, and in the case of the ALSC logo, convey the power of libraries and ALSC members in communities. The book in the logo also gives a nod to ALSC's well-respected and longstanding book and media awards program.

The nested leaves, and book icon also form a blooming flower, signifying growth, prosperity, and strength, which not only relate to the positive opportunities and resources that ALSC provides to its members and the profession at large, but also to the stable foundations and rich development ALSC members work to build and nurture in the children and families they serve.  

The book and leaves also come together to represent ALSC’s core values of collaboration, inclusiveness, and innovation. The resulting shield shape symbolizes ALSC’s core values of leadership, responsiveness, integrity, and respect

After careful consideration and research, a lowercase font was chosen for the ALSC acronym in the logo. The lowercase font offers a friendly and welcoming vibe, while placing an emphasis on innovation and creativity. The lowercase acronym is offset by the full name of the association in all uppercase. The uppercase and its placement lend a boldness and strong foundation to the design.

As a whole, the new logo represents ALSC, a member-driven organization that supports its members and works to improve library service to children, and the transformative work of ALSC members in libraries and communities.