Headquarters Service

The office is maintained by ALSC and ALA to be of as much service as possible to the officers and members of the division. The ALSC Executive Director, who acts as Headquarters specialist and liaison in all matters falling within the responsibility of the division, is responsible to the ALA Executive Director. Divisional executive directors have the dual responsibilities of operating their own offices and serving as ALA staff members.

Stationery for official business will be supplied to the division officers and the committee chairpersons upon request. If funds are provided in the current divisional budget for the activity, duplicating may be requested.

The ALSC office handles the correspondence for division committee appointments for the vice-president/president-elect.

ALA Headquarters is responsible for organizing and printing all ballots and biographical material and for mailing/emailing them to the membership. All returned division ballots are counted by the ALA Elections Committee at Headquarters. The ALSC staff notifies ALSC candidates of the election returns.

Schedules for meetings at the Annual Conference and Midwinter meeting are prepared by the ALA Conference Services Office with the cooperation of each executive director for divisional board and program meetings. The Conference Office notifies ALA staff as to the procedures for scheduling committee meetings.

All publicity is handled through ALA’s Public Information Office (PIO). Drafts of press releases should be sent to a committee's appropriate staff liaison for transmittal to ALA/PIO.

ALSC staff contact information and areas of responsibility are listed on the website.

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