General Information

The annual ALA Handbook of Organization is the best source of information on ALA structure, member groups, and its units and divisions. It is updated following the Annual Conference in June, when ALA officers are installed.

ALA activities operate on the basis of three different calendars:

  1. Membership: Is effective for one year, or twelve full months, starting when the membership application has been processed. Membership in ALA lapses and membership periodicals are discontinued when dues are still unpaid after three months past the renewal anniversary date.
  2. Terms of office: These begin on the day following the completion of the annual conference (known as the conference year). This applies to elected and appointed officers and committee chairpersons and members of committee.*
  3. Fiscal calendar: Starts on September 1st and concludes on August 31st.

*ALSC exceptions are fall appointments:

In September and October, the president appoints the chairpersons and members to the following committees: Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory Committee, Batchelder Awards Committee, Belpré Awards Committee, Caldecott Awards Committee, Carnegie Medal/Notable Children's Videos Committee, Geisel Awards Committee, Newbery Awards Committee, Great Websites Committee, Notable Children’s Books and Recordings, Sibert Awards Committee, and Wilder Award Committee.  The vice-president appoints his/her Nominating Committee in the fall prior to the Midwinter Meeting.

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