2022 Election Results

ALSC sincerely thanks the 2022 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, including Chair Paula Holmes, Eric Gomez, Ana-Elba Pavon, and Vicky Smith. 


Dr. Jonda C. McNair, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Fiscal Officer

Robbin Friedman, Chappaqua Library, Chappaqua, NY

New-to-ALSC Board Director

Jaime Eastman, Plano Public Library, Plano, TX

Board Director

Maria Estrella, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, OH

Caldecott Committee, 2024

Maria Paz Alegre, Allen-Stevenson School, New York, NY
Amanda Bressler, Albany Public Library, Corvallis, OR
Lisa Dennis, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (PA)
Dr. Darryn Diuguid, McKendree University, Lebanon, IL
Andrea Erickson, Montgomery County Government, Columbia, MD
Abby Johnson, New Albany-Floyd County (IN) Public Library, New Albany
Tara Phethean, Todd Elementary, Briarcliff Manor UFSD, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Jade Valenzuela, TeachingBooks, Albuquerque, NM

Newbery Committee, 2024

Lucia Acosta, Princeton, NJ
Armin Arethna, Berkeley (CA) Public Library
Laura Gardner, Dartmouth (MA) Middle School
Katy Hepner, Norman Mayer Library, New Orleans (LA) Public Library
Linda Klein, Anchorage (AK) Public Library, Anchorage
Benjamin Martin, Tuscaloosa (AL) Academy
Elizabeth Rosania, Boise (ID) Public Library
Gretchen Schulz, Aurora (IL) Public Library District

Sibert Committee, 2024

Amanda Chuong, Princeton (NJ) Public Library
Melody Frese, Ladue (MO) School District
Ryan Grant, Medical Lake School District, Fairchild AFB, WA
Erika Miller, Timberland Regional Library, Port Orchard, WA
Melissa Stovall, Austin (Texas) Independent School District

Children's Literature Legacy Committee, 2024

Joel Bangilan, Boniuk Library of the Holocaust Museum of Houston (TX)
Ruth Guerrier-Pierre, New York Public Library
Michelle H. Martin, University of Washington Information School, Seattle, WA

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The two proposed changes to Bylaw X, Nominations and Elections, Section 2 were adopted, resulting in the following language (new language is underscored; deleted language is lined out):

  •  “The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate to consist of: at least one candidate two (2) candidates for every anticipated Board vacancy (The Board shall consist of thirteen members: president, vice-president (president-elect); immediate past-president, division councilor, fiscal officer, new to ALSC director and seven directors-at-large). In years when multiple director-at-large vacancies are anticipated the slate shall include at least twice as many candidates as there are slots.”
  • “… sixteen (16) candidates for eight (8) Newbery Award Committee members-at-large; sixteen (16) candidates for eight (8) Caldecott Award Committee members-at-large; ten (10) candidates for five (5) Sibert Award Committee members-at-large; six (6) candidates for three (3) Children's Literature Legacy Award Committee members-at-large; and candidates to fill vacancies as approved in Article V, Sec. 3 of these Bylaws. The Nominating Committee will report the slate of candidates to the ALSC Executive Committee in writing by October 1, for the Fall Division Leadership Meeting in the year of the Nominating Committee’s appointment.”