2017-2018 ALSC Executive Committee Document Inventory

Executive Committee Document Inventory for 2017-2018
Name of Meeting Doc Type Name of Document
4/19 Online Meeting Agenda Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
  Doc a For approval: Draft 2018 Midwinter Executive Comm Minutes
    Consent agenda (Informational)
  Doc b Draft 2018 Midwinter Board Minutes
  Doc c Management Report
  Doc d.i February Financials Summary
  Doc d.ii Endowment Report
  Doc e Continuting Education Report
  Doc f Communications Report
  Doc g Membership Report
  Doc h Projects & Partnership Reports
  Doc i Publications Report
  Doc j Web Activities Report
  Doc k Awards Program Report
  Doc l Emerging Leader Report
  Doc m President's Report
  Doc n Vice-President's Report
  Doc o Councilor's Report
  Doc p Committee February Report (fyi, large doc, 56 pages)
    Discussion Items
  Doc q Strategic Planning Implementation and Mega-Issue Discussion for Annual
  Doc q.i Initiatives and External Relationships
  Doc q.ii Chart of Initiatives and Projects
  Doc t.i Awards Program Review Task Force Update

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