Resolution on Ensuring Summer Reading Programs for all Children and Teens 2010 ALA Annual Conference

WHEREAS, Libraries contribute to the intellectual growth of children and teens during the summer through reading programs; and

WHEREAS, ALA Policy 52.5.1 affirms that "the future of libraries and of society itself depends upon the preparedness of youth to carry adult responsibilities for business, government, parenthood and other leadership. Children and young adults cannot fulfill their potential or that of society without high quality library opportunities through both public and school libraries." and

WHEREAS, Summer Reading programs bring children and teens into the local library for reading and cultural activities; and

WHEREAS, Children and teens can benefit from summer programs that combine elements of youth development principles with academic enrichment; and

WHEREAS, Visiting their local library provides children with access to unlimited amounts of reading materials; and

WHEREAS, School and public librarians have cooperatively produced the summer reading lists to enhance both learning and recreation; and

WHEREAS, Studies of children's and teens’ reading development cite the importance of extensive, successful reading experiences in the development of reading proficiency, most recently, IMLS/Dominican University study:  Public Library Summer Reading Programs Close the Reading Gap; and

WHEREAS, Young library users will receive an opportunity to become lifelong readers and learners, by visiting the library frequently; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED That the American Library Association urges Library Directors, Trustees, School Board members and supervising government bodies to insure that their libraries are provided adequate funding to ensure that their summer reading programs for all children and teens are maintained and that ALA promotes this resolution to all library systems and state boards of education in the country.

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