Resources for Committee Work


ALSC on ALA Connect Learn how ALSC is using ALA Connect. Watch videos and get support for committees using ALA Connect. (Updated August 2020)


Forms (including quarterly report forms and submission status chart via Airtable)

Manuals, Guides, FAQs

Community Agreements - The ALSC Community Agreements should be used in any convening. They are the standard for any ALSC meeting, program or presentation. The community agreements should be added to agendas and acknowledged verbally at the start of any convening.  


2021 PGC/Chair Orientation hosted by Lucia Gonzalez, ALSC 2021-22 President | Presentation [PDF]
2020 PGC/Chair Orientation hosted by Kirby McCurtis, ALSC 2020-21 President | Presentation [PDF]
Chat Transcript from this session is also available in the recording linked above.
2019 PGC/Chair Orientation hosted by Cecilia P. McGowan, ALSC 2019-20 President
Chat Transcript from this session is also available in the recording linked above.

Best Practices for Virtual Committees

General Tips and Advice for Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Committee FAQ

Online Tools


Core Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth in Public Libraries

What Does That ALSC Committee Do? - The ALSC Organization & Bylaws Committee has surveyed ALSC committee chairs on the duties, skills, and communication necessary for the individual work of the committee. The results are available as a PDF. 

Past Meetings

Chat Transcript PDF (April 9, 2018)
Chat Transcript PDF (November 15, 2017)
Priority Group Consultants & Committee Chairs Meeting (August 21, 2017) ... Note: Please disregard the October date on the opening screen of this recording. This is indeed a video recording of the August 21 meeting.