Preservation Education Directory: Introduction

The Preservation Education Directory provides listings of educational opportunities in the United States and Canada in the areas of preservation and conservation training. It includes both formal education courses from ALA‐accredited institutions, as well as informal sessions, workshops, and webinars available through various organizations. The institutions and organizations included in the directory offer a variety of instruction in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage collections in libraries and archives. The Tenth Edition has been expanded from previous editions to include additional training opportunities in the areas of conservation and audiovisual and digital media preservation.

The directory is divided into four sections: (1) Graduate Courses, (2) Continuing Education, and (3) Programs in Conservation, followed by a short list of (4) Additional Resources and Acknowledgements at the end. Graduate Courses, which includes for‐credit courses, is arranged by state or province, then alphabetically by institution name. Continuing Education and Programs in Conservation are arranged alphabetically by organization name.

The Graduate Courses section primarily lists courses in which preservation or conservation is the primary subject. In some instances, particularly when an academic program offers a concentration of preservation coursework, the editors also listed complementary or otherwise related curricula, including courses about rare book librarianship, archives and manuscripts, the history of the book, and digital file management. Listings include contact information for the academic program along with a link that can be followed to the school’s website for additional information. To the extent possible, the listings also include course descriptions as well as information about how frequently the course is offered and the number of credits earned upon course completion. Unless otherwise noted, graduate programs listed are ALA‐accredited.

The entries under both Continuing Education and Programs in Conservation include courses, workshops, and webinars offered by a wide variety of organizations around the country. The entries include introductory training intended for those interested in gaining basic preservation and/or conservation knowledge, as well in‐depth continuing education opportunities for mid‐career professionals. The entries contain contact information for the organization, along with a link that can be followed to the organization’s website for further information. To the extent possible, the listings also display general descriptions of the types of training offered annually.