ALCTS Papers Series

The ALCTS Papers on Library Technical Services and Collections series, which ceased publication in September 2013, was a theme-oriented series dedicated to publishing topical, time-sensitive papers from our continuing education offerings and conference programs as well as supplementary manuscripts, commentaries, and reviews. Conference, institute, and other continuing education program presentations were often expanded to form the basis of a publication.

Beginning in September 2013, multichapter publications will be vetted for publication by the ALCTS Monographs Editorial Board. Program planners and presenters interested in exploring publication possibilities are encouraged to contact the ALCTS Monographs Editor at If you have a title to propose, please submit a proposal. Please follow these proposal guidelines.


The Institutional RepositoryThe Institutional Repository: Benefits and Challenges #18
Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer, Editors, 142p. 2010–13, ALCTS.
ISBN 978-0-8389-8661-5  |  PDF e-book ISBN 978-0-8389-8662-2

Read some of the content for free:

  • Sample Chapter: "Implementing Open Access Policies Using Institutional Repositories" by Ellen Finnie Duranceau and Sue Kriegsman

Risk and Entrepreneurship in Libraries: Seizing Opportunities for Change #17
Risk and Entrepreneurship in LibrariesPamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer, Editors, 120p. 2009, ALCTS.
ISBN 978-0-8389-8516-8

Commemorating the Past, Celebrating the Present, Creating the Future: Papers in Observance of the 50th Anniversary of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services #16
Pamela Bluh, Editor, 216p. 2007, ALCTS.
ISBN 978-0-8389-8431-4

Perspectives on Serials in the Hybrid Environment #15
Harriet Lightman and John P. Blosser, Editors, 112p. 2007, ALCTS.
ISBN 0-8389-8415-0

SALSA de Tópicos=Subjects in SALSA #14
David P. Miller and Filiberto Felipe Martínez Arellano, Editors, 90p. 2007, ALCTS.
ISBN 0-8389-8407-X

  • Read some of the content for free:
    Sample Chapter: "Development of a Spanish Subject Headings List" ("Desarrollo de una lista de encabezamientos de materia en español") by Filiberto Felipe Martínez Arellano
    Table of Contents and Foreword by Ana Cristán
    Introduction by David Miller, editor

Managing Electronic Resources: Contemporary Problems and Emerging Trends #13
Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer, Editors, 138p. 2006, ALCTS.
ISBN 0-8389-8366-9

Knowledge without Boundaries: Organizing Information for the Future #12
Michael A. Chopey, Editor, 96p. 2005, ALCTS.
ISBN 0-8389-8360-X

Marketing to Libraries for the New Millennium: Librarians, Vendors, and Publishers Review the Landmark Third Industry-Wide Survey of the Library Marketing Practices and Trends #11
Hendrik Edelman and Robert P. Holley, Editors, 216p. 2002, Scarecrow Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-8108-4271-8

Cataloging the Web: Metadata, AACR, and MARC 21 #10
Wayne Jones, Judith Ahronheim, and Josephine Crawford, Editors, 208p. 2002, ScarecrowPress, Inc.
ISBN 0-8108-4143-6

Managing Electronic Serials #9
Pamela Bluh, Editor, 189p. 2001, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-3510-9

Virtually Yours: Models for Managing Electronic Resources and Services, #8
Peggy Johnson and Bonnie MacEwan, Editors 176p. 1998, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-0753-9

Bibliographic Control of Conference Proceedings, Papers, and Conference Materials, #7
Olivia M. A. Madison and Sara Shatford Layne, Editors, 123p. 1996, ACRL.
ISBN 0-8389-7860-6

Future of the Descriptive Cataloging Rules, #6
Brian E. C. Schottlaender, Editor, 135p. 1996, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-3477-3

Collection Management and Development: Issues in an Electronic Era, #5
Peggy Johnson and Bonnie MacEwan, Editors, 148p. 1993, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-3447-1

Format Integration and Its Effect on Cataloging, Training, and Systems, #4
Karen Coyle, Editor, 100p. 1993, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-3432-3

Collection Management for the 1990s, #3
Joseph J. Branin, Editor, 178p. 1992, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-0608-7

Origins, Content, and Future of AACR2 Revised, #2
Richard P. Smiraglia, Editor, 139p. 1992, ALA Editions.
ISBN 0-8389-3405-6

Subject Authorities in the Online Environment, #1
Karen Markey, Editor, 84p. 1991, ALA Editions
ISBN 0-8389-0558-7