Research Topics in Cataloging & Classification

A Summary of the Literature, 1995–

Compiled by the Policy and Research Committee of the ALCTS Cataloging & Classification Section

Research Topics Essay Suggested Methodology

This compilation of short essays by the Policy & Research Committee (PRC) members summarizes and provide commentaries onrecent research in cataloging and classification. This is not a comprehensive literature review. Rather the focus is on further possibilities for research. The essays are not peer-reviewed.

PRC members, working on assigned topics, have reviewed the published literature and described research accomplished from 1995 to date. Some members' essays include suggestions of future research topics, and all include citations to the most important articles. The compilation is intended as an informal, practical tool for those in search of a useful research topic or a quick review of recent research.

The committee will reassess the topics each year, adding new ones as time permits and updating individual essays as necessary. Old essays will have their dates closed out. New topics will be added as research begins to emerge.

Suggestions for writing an essay:

  • Review any existing essay.
  • Perform a literature search. Cast your net as widely as possible. Consider:
    • Library Literature
    • Library and Information Sciences Abstracts
    • Charles Bailey's Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
    • Journals on your topic in Library Science as well as other related fields
    • New monographs on your topic (including conference publications)
    • Be sure to consider electronic resources, online discussion groups, presentations, etc.
  • Many sources begin with a survey of the current literature and include a section on areas for further study or research. Refer to these sections as well as areas for further study that the article provokes in your own mind.
  • The essay should include a bibliography of articles consulted. Following Library Resources & Technical Services, use the Chicago Manual of Style author-date system (see chapter 16).

Covered Topics    

—submitted 2002