Cataloging Resources

Core Competencies for Cataloging and Metadata Professional Librarians 2017
This document defines competencies in broad terms to acknowledge the wide variety of work performed by cataloging and metadata professionals in libraries of all types and sizes, regardless of developments in a particular standard or technology. 

Syllabus for Serials and Integrating Resources Cataloging 2012
Provides current and historical practices in descriptive cataloging specific to serials and integrating resources.

Guidelines for Standardized Cataloging for Children, 5th 2010
Chapter 1 of the 5th edition of the very popular title, Cataloging Correctly for Kids, 2010. Official guidelines from the Cataloging and Classification Section of ALCTS.

Research Topics 2008
This compilation of short essays summarizes and provides commentary on recent research in cataloging and classification.

Cataloging Electronic Resources 1999–2001 2008

Cataloging Standards 2008

Technological Applications in Cataloging 2008

Cataloging Electronic Resources 2005–06 2008

Cataloging Electronic Resources 2002–04 2008

Guidelines on When to Create a New Record 2007
Supplements descriptive cataloging rules by providing information about creating new records or updating existing records. Helps catalogers determe whether the item in hand can be cataloged with existing copy or requires a new bibliographic record.

Development of a Spanish Subject Headings List 2007
Overview of efforts to create a single, up-to-date source for Spanish subject headings.

RDA: Project Manager's Perspective 2007
Marjorie E. Bloss describes the groups that comprise RDA and how they work together.

Conference Report: Cataloging 2007 2007
Overview of Icelandic library community's excellent international cataloguing conference in honor of fifty years of library science education in Iceland.

Guidelines for Cataloging Record Sets 2006
Encourages cataloging of sets in any format if the set is not complete.

Resources for Catalogers of Children's Materials 2006
A list of web sites helpful to catalogers of children's materials.

Value of Cataloging Librarians 2006
Document intended to be a tool for managers and catalogers to explain the true value of their work.

MARC 21 Authority Records for GSAFD Genre Terms 2006
Machine-readable authority records have been created for the form/genre headings in chapter 1 of GSAFD. A MARC 21 format-file of the recordscan be loaded into library databases.

Syllabus for Serials Cataloging Teaching and Training 2004

Cataloging the Web 2002
Jones, Wayne, et al. Cataloging the Web: Metadata, AACR, and MARC 21, ALCTS Paper Series on Library Technical Services and Collections No 10; $39.95; 208 pages; ScarecrowPress, Inc; ISBN: 0-8108-4143-6

Subject Data in the Metadata Record: Recommendations and Rationale 1999

Training Catalogers in the Electronic Era 1995
This outline provides the essential elements of a training program for entry-level catalogers. It is recommended that training begin with LC copy cataloging before moving to contributed copy and finally to original cataloging. The timetable depends greatly on the individual cataloger. The total training program will probably require from six months to one year to complete.

Guidelines for Subject Analysis of Audiovisual Materials 1992
These guidelines, intended for the use of librarians and administrators responsible for providing access to library materials, give direction for the subject analysis of audiovisual materials.

Guidelines for Cataloging Microform Sets 1989
These guidelines encourage the cataloging of microform sets and have them available to other libraries through set-processing capability.

ALA Filing Rules 1980
RTSD Filing Committee.; ALA Filing Rules; $15; $13.50 ALA Members; 50 pages; 1980; ALA Editions; ISBN: 0-8389-3255-X