LRTS volume 54, no.4

October 2010 Contents


Association for Library Collections and Technical Services Annual Report 2009–10

Mary Case


When Preservation Moves Off Campus
Trends and Effective Practices in ARL Libraries

Cathleen Martyniak

Divination and the State
Classifying Technical Texts in Han China

Hur-Li Lee

What is a Professional Cataloger?
Perception Differences between Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Elizabeth J. Cox and Ann K. D. Myers


Cataloging E-Books and Vendor Records
A Case Study at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Kristin E. Martin and Kavita Mundle

Index to Volume 54

Cover image reprinted with permission from Merueilleux et estrange rapport, toutesfois fidele, des commoditez qui se trouuent en Virginia [A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia.] (Frankfurt, 1590), by Thomas Hariot, The John Work Garrett Library, Sheridan Libraries, The Johns Hopkins University.